(WKBN) – A cold front is moving toward the area this week and the temperatures will turn cooler. The weather forecast features cooler nights later this week. It does not look cold enough for frost, but we are getting closer to frost season here in Youngtown, Ohio.

Fall is on the way and that means each day on average will get colder.

The fall season is full of change with leaves turning from green to red, yellow and gold and then falling from the trees throughout our region. It will also get colder each night.

As temperatures start to fall into the 30s as the season moves in, we typically can expect a frost by October 1 and a freeze by October 14.

Below is a list of dates to remember each fall season here in Youngstown:

  • Average first frost – October 1
  • Earliest frost on record – August 29
  • Latest frost on record – October 28
  • Average first freeze – October 14
  • Earliest freeze on record – August 29
  • Latest freeze on record – November 12

A freeze warning is issued when temperatures fall below 32°F. These are issued through the spring once the growing season has started. In the fall, they are issued to let you know that plants can be harmed by the freeze that will end the growing season.

A frost advisory is issued when temperatures are as low as 36°, generally, a range between 33° to 36° in an environment that frost can form close to the ground.