Summer is over and we are rolling into the official start to fall. Temperatures are feeling cool and some trees are already turning. Fall 2022 is pushing in!

The official start to fall is at 9:04 p.m. this evening as the Autumnal Equinox takes place. Today (9/22/2022) is officially the first day of fall.

The official start time for fall 2022.

Cooler air has arrived in our region just in time to start the new season with even cooler air moving in for the night. See the forecast here.

Temperatures have been falling since the start of the day with a high in the middle 70s just after midnight. They have been falling since that point and so far the low has pushed into the upper 50s. Look for lows to fall into the 40s tonight.

A normal first day of fall features a high temperature of 73° and a low temperature of 50°.

Looking back through the past five years, we have experienced a wide range of temperatures and precipitation here in Youngstown for the first day of the season.

First Day of Fall in Youngstown, Ohio from 2017 – 2021

First day of fall weather in Youngstown from 2017 through 2021.

When will the leaves peak with fall color?

With the cooler temperatures around and the clouds from lake effect rain showers, you may be wondering when the leaves will push toward their peak.

Some trees have lost leaves and started to change. The change is starting, but the peak is still weeks away. You can see in the image below how areas to our north have been changing this week.

Each year is different, but you will typically find the peak season for fall color in Northeast Ohio and Northwest Pennsylvania during the middle of October. This year may be a little sooner as we are coming out of a dry summer that stressed some trees.

We are only weeks away from our peak here at home.