Weekend plans? Make sure you factor in some rain and gusty wind — Here’s the outlook


A storm system, fueled by tropical moisture from Tropical Storm Olga, arrives this weekend -- Here's when the heaviest rain arrives and when to expect some gusty wind:

A large storm system is on track to approach the Valley Saturday, fueled by tropical moisture from Tropical Storm Olga. Saturday morning will be dry but showers will become increasingly more likely into the afternoon. There will still be some dry air to overcome for the early afternoon. Widespread steady rain or downpours look more likely after 2PM.

Skies will be cloudy all day Saturday. Temperatures will be in the mid-40s at the beginning of the day and slowly rise to the mid-50s by the evening.

Saturday Night
Saturday night looks like a washout with heavy and steady rain expected at times. The heaviest rain will fall between the late-evening into Sunday morning. During this time, heavy downpours are possible and we will see the winds picking up. Expect wind to begin climbing into the evening with gusts to 30-35MPH expected overnight into Sunday. Temperatures will climb overnight as the winds increase, rising from the mid-50s to the low 60s by daybreak Sunday.

Showers will be ongoing Sunday morning with gusty wind likely. This will be the warmest part of the day with temperatures around 60°. Wind gusts through the morning between 30-35MPH remain possible. The chance for rain will fizzle out into Sunday afternoon and the gusty wind will settle as the storm system exits the region. Skies, however, remain mostly cloudy into the evening. Temperatures will drop out of the 60s in the morning to the mid to lower 50s by late afternoon.

Sunday Night
Sunday night will have partial clearing of the clouds and will be a little cooler. Lows will dip to the mid to lower 40s.

Keep an eye on the forecast for next week. The week begins with a few nice days with mild temperatures. A cool-down is expected into the middle of the week. Models are having trouble pinpointing the timing of the temperature drop, just how cool temperatures will go, and when showers will arrive. The forecast will need to be fine-tuned as model data comes into better agreement.

Current thinking is an increasing risk for rain into Wednesday with scattered wet weather around for Halloween as the temperatures fall. The Pinpoint Weather Team will be monitoring this and will continue to fine-tune the forecast as better data becomes available. Keep checking back for updates through the weekend and next week.

For a detailed breakdown of the next seven days, watch the video above or CLICK HERE.

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