With temperatures rising, experts say some items should not be left in hot cars

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Some items should not be left in the car

(WYTV) – It’s hot outside but even hotter in your car.

On a busy summer day, you might forget a few things inside your car. Some items shouldn’t be left behind, however.

Cardinal Joint Fire District Chief Don Hutchison said with temperatures rising, it’s going to get hot in the car very quickly. Heat can cause different items left inside a car to react.

“You know, if they’re on oxygen, they should not be left in a car, hot car, because it can overpressurize if it’s full already. Anything else, gasoline, propane should not be left in the trunk of a car,” Hutchison said.

Another major concern is medication.

Dr. Viktoria Hasselhof with Mercy Health said it might be OK to leave behind some pills but never forget any liquid.

“The insulin pens, EpiPens, anything that contains liquid on the inside that could heat up very quickly in a hot car environment,” Hasselhof said.

Your cell phone, computer or other electronics can also become dangerous. As temperatures rise, metals have the ability to burn skin.

“Some of the electronics have a hard time working in warm environments, and then they themselves might overheat internally as well as externally from the heat that is in the car,” said Hasselhof.

Most common, drinks like water bottles are left in vehicles. While staying hydrated in the heat is important, keeping water inside your car during the summer might not be the healthiest option.

“There’s the potential that some of that plastic might leak into the beverage, and then you’re drinking that, not knowing the exact harms that it could do to the body. But you’d want to try to avoid that,” Hasselhof said.

Hasselhof said that aluminum cans, like carbonated beverages, should be taken out, too.

“There is the potential that the top of the can can actually pop off, and if someone is in the car during that time, they could potentially be in the trajectory of that and get hit by that,” Hasselhof said.

Other aerosols like hairspray or bug spray should be taken out as well.

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