When was the last time we had this many back-to-back dry days? It actually wasn’t that long ago

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Pinpoint Meteorologist Ryan Halicki dug through the data and found the most recent occurrence also happened in September, just a few years ago

We are in the midst of a rare treat for the Valley with several back-to-back dry days. This got me thinking, when was the last time we had this many days in a row with no measurable precipitation? The answer: about three years ago. Here’s what I found:

Our stretch of days without any measurable rainfall at the airport in Trumbull County, the official climate reporting station for the Youngstown area, is at 12 days. We last had measurable rain on Sunday, Sept. 13 when 1.10″ was recorded. Our next chance at rain remains a few days out so we will continue adding to the stretch.

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So when was the last time we went so long without any rain? It was almost exactly three years ago. The most recent stretch of 12 dry days or greater occurred Sept. 15-28, 2017 when we went 14 days straight without measurable rain at the airport. We are going to have a pretty decent chance at tying that stretch with no rain expected this weekend. That would put our current stretch of dry weather at 14 consecutive days without rain by Monday.

The next most recent occurrence I can find was a 12-day dry stretch in Nov. 2009. During that stretch, no rain occurred at the airport in Vienna from Nov. 6-17, 2009. We will beat this Saturday when we reach day 13 in a row without rainfall.

Rainfall is in the forecast for Monday and, should we receive that, our dry streak would end at 14 days. That would tie for the 43rd longest stretch of consecutive days without measurable rainfall since records have been kept and ties us with the most recent occurrence in 2017. So what would it take to get to number one? The longest stretch of consecutive days without measurable rainfall at the airport stands at 25 days. That occurred in Oct. 1963.

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