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Ohio and Pennsylvania are in the Top 10 states for most lightning fatalities

(WYTV) – Lightning is deadly, and the fact that we don’t know exactly where it will strike makes it all the more dangerous.

It’s caused by a build-up of opposite charges in a thunderstorm cloud.

Lightning usually will strike the highest point, which is why skyscrapers get hits hundreds of times a year.

You do not want to be the highest thing. That’s why you should not be in an open field in a thunderstorm.

If you feel the hair rise on your arm or back of your neck, drop to the ground You are getting charged for a potential lightning strike.

You should also stay out of the water, which is a good conductor of electricity.

Also, stay away from metal objects like fences. Metal is also a good conductor for electricity.

Getting under a tree isn’t safe either. Bolts of lightning have been known to strike a tree, bounce
off and hit the person that thought they were safe.

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