Road crews, neighbors spend Tuesday clearing snow throughout Trumbull County

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Even though crews are working on the roads, people still have to worry about their own driveways

CORTLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Trumbull County saw snow throughout a good portion of the day on Tuesday, and tonight, road crews will be out again to make sure the roads stay clear.

As we drove around Cortland on Tuesday, snowplows were hitting the streets and people were doing what they could to clear off driveways.

Snow is nothing new to us in Northeast Ohio. It feels as if it comes quickly and overstays its welcome, but crews with the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) still have to prepare for whatever hits them.

“These folks, this is nothing new for them. It might be a new season but these people have been working here for years. They are ready for whatever Mother Nature dishes out at them,” said Ray Marsch, ODOT District 4 public information officer.

Working around the clock with 23 trucks, laying down salt on the roads for drivers’ safety. But even though they have a lot of snow to clear, the pavement temperature was just above freezing.

“That determines what kind of material we put down. So with the high pavement temperatures in the morning, that snow wasn’t really accumulating on certain routes,” Marsch said.

Even though crews are working on the roads, people still have to worry about their own driveways.

“Try to keep up with it. It looks like we had three to five inches and they are predicting that for the rest of the day. So I figured I get the first layer cleaned off and get ready for the second coat,” said Ken Groves, of Cortland.

Groves said he got his snowblower ready to go last night. He didn’t have to clean off his driveway this early last year, but he said it could have been worse.

“Right now, we’re lucky we’re right at that stage where it’s not freezing. This is normally really bad if it freezes,” Groves said.

Other neighborhoods were doing the same thing as Groves — many people were out shoveling or plowing their driveways in Cortland.

For the last five years, one 17-year-old has been shoveling other people’s driveways.

“Those older people that can’t do it and they need help moving around so I come and help them out for them,” said James Thornton, of Cortland.

By 1:30 p.m., Thornton had already hit about 15 driveways, and he’s ready for the rest of the snow still to come.

“Because it gives me something to do while school’s out and it also helps other people when I’m around,” Thornton said.

As the snow continues to fall, you’re going to want to remain extra safe as it becomes easier to slide on the roads.

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