Preparing cars and keeping safe during harsh winter conditions

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With cold temperatures this weekend and throughout the winter, car batteries will be taking a lot of abuse from the elements.

Professionals recommend replacing car batteries more often than usual during the winter.

Slow and sluggish starting may be a sign that the battery is dying, which could leave you stranded. 

James Pantalone, the owner of Pantalone Towing in Niles, wants to remind everyone that batteries can freeze and with the forecasted frigid temperatures, that will be a possiblity over the weekend. 

Pantalone has a dedicated battery truck stocked and ready to, but drivers may want to replace their batteries if it has been a while since a replacement was done.

“The average length, lifespan of a battery is three to five years. We have seen that come down from an average of five to seven years due to the recycled metal in that,” Pantalone said.

If you get stuck in a ditch, keep the engine running to stay warm.

Make sure that the exhaust pipe is free and cleared of snow, which may not be the case if you are in a ditch or off the road. 

Pantalone Towing also has a high-tech command center with GPS-tracked trucks to ensure drivers do not have to wait as long. 

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