Expect cold snaps this time of year and protect your plants, local farmer says

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With frost coming overnight, Carl Angiuli said growers should "always be prepared for the unexpected weather"

CANFIELD, Ohio (WYTV) – Cold weather and frost are expected Wednesday night, which has growers scrambling to protect their plants.

Angiuli’s Farm in Canfield is among those preparing for frost.

“We suggest using a blanket material on those plants at this time of year. If you use plastic, it intensifies the frost,” Carl Angiuli said.

He said some plants, like lettuce and cabbage, can take the cold. Others won’t.

“The ones that are very susceptible are going to be your tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber — those tender crops like that — and most of your flowers.”

Angiuli said growers can cover individual plants with a bucket but if your garden is too large to be covered, he has another piece of advice.

“A lot of people go out in the morning before the sun rises or right at sunrise, and water your garden down and water the frost off of the leaves.”

He said you should always be prepared for cold snaps early in the growing season.

“When you’re planting a garden or flower beds this time of year, very early, just always be prepared for the unexpected weather.”

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