Doctor says sports drinks are better option for staying hydrated in extreme heat

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We always hear about drinking more water when it's this hot, but drinks with electrolytes could actually be more beneficial

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BOARDMAN, Ohio (WYTV) – The temperatures Friday were still very high and will stay that way for most of the weekend. One of the best tips for staying cool is staying hydrated.

Dr. Benjamin Brocker, with Mercy Health, said our bodies are natural cooling systems. We sweat and the sweat evaporates on our skin, which helps us stay cool.

If we’re sticking to the basics, we all know to drink water on a hot day. But Brocker said sports drinks tend to be better because they contain electrolytes our bodies need.

These electrolytes produce salt in our bodies so we can sweat and stay cool.

Brocker said we should watch out for heat exhaustion, which could turn into heatstroke.

Some signs of heat exhaustion are dizziness, muscle cramps and vomiting.

“If you see somebody that is out there for a while, they don’t know where they are at, they aren’t sweating, definitely call 911 to get help,” Brocker said.

So make sure you drink plenty of fluids this weekend.

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