PINPOINT WEATHER ALERT: Heat advisories in effect Sunday, late-day strong storms possible


Heat indices approach dangerous levels Sunday and we will also have a chance for a round of strong to severe storms. Here's a breakdown of the timing and impacts:

Heat advisories have been posted for parts of the area. Heat index readings as high as 100° – 105° are possible Sunday. Take precautions to stay cool and hydrated.
–Some things to keep in mind–
–Make sure you check the back set of the car before exiting. Children and pets should not be left in vehicles as the interior car temperatures can reach dangerous levels in minutes.
–Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water.
–Check on elderly parents/grandparents/neighbors and make sure they have a way to stay cool.
–Pets should be brought indoors. Animals will need to have cool, fresh water regularly and shade.
–Be careful when taking pets on walks. Asphalt surface temperatures will be hot enough, especially during the afternoon, to cause burns on animal paws. If it’s too hot for your feet, it’s too hot for the paws.

Learn more about the heat index and signs/symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke by CLICKING HERE

The evening will be very warm with temperatures in the 80s for most of the area through 11PM. Lows overnight only drop to the lower 70s. Expect a humid night with some scattered clouds. We will have an increase in humidity into the morning as dew points begin rising toward the 70° mark A warm-front lifting into the region may touch off an isolated overnight shower or storm late into the night, mainly toward daybreak.

Two big weather stories Sunday — the heat and the potential for strong to severe storms in the evening. Let’s start with the heat. Temperatures will be in the low 70s at sunrise and it will be increasingly more humid through the day as dew points rise into the 70s early. This will allow for very high heat indices to develop. The high for the day will be in the mid-90s but heat indices approach dangerous levels through the afternoon, reaching as high as 100° – 105° during the peak heating hours of the day. Take precautions with any outdoor plans.

On to story number two, the risk for thunderstorms. There will be more clouds around Sunday compared to Saturday. Periods of partly to mostly cloudy skies are expected. The day won’t be a total washout but an occasional shower or storm is possible as early as sunrise. Very isolated showers or storms may develop in the morning as a warm front lifts through the region. A couple early afternoon showers or storms are also possible. During the breaks in the clouds, expect intense sunshine and a high UV index. If you will be outdoors, sunscreen is recommended as you can still burn through the thinner clouds during the day.

The risk for strong to severe storms will be ramping up into the evening, mainly after 6PM. Scattered storms will develop along the lake shore of Lake Erie into the evening and continue tracking southeast toward the Valley. We will be monitoring for a complex of storms to develop along an approaching cold front, bringing a round of strong to potentially severe storms to the area between 6PM and midnight. During this time, storms capable of producing severe wind gusts, frequent lightning, torrential downpours with localized flooding, and large hail are possible. The tornado threat isn’t zero but is looking low. The risk for thunderstorms will begin tapering off after midnight as the storms move southeast of the Valley. Temperatures will drop to around 70° for a low by Monday morning.

The day begins with scattered clouds and a chance for pockets of morning fog. It will still be toasty but not as hot as Sunday. A shift in winds on Monday, coming out of the northwest, will pull in some drier air and slightly cooler temperatures. Though not as humid as Sunday, it will still be a little sticky with dew points in the lower to mid-60s. Daytime highs will be in the middle to upper 80s. Skies begin with scattered clouds and will turn mostly sunny through the morning.

The heat will carry over into the early part of the week with highs around to near 90° through mid-week. Monday and Tuesday are looking fairly dry with very low rain chances Tuesday. The risk for more widespread rain and storms begins ramping up into Wednesday and Thursday as temperatures turn a bit cooler.

For a detailed breakdown of the next seven days, watch the video above or CLICK HERE.

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