Temperatures soared to the 90s again Wednesday and dew points rose toward the middle to upper 70s during the early afternoon. The high temperature wasn’t a record. We reached 94° at the Youngstown/Warren regional airport, the official climate reporting station for the Youngstown area. But we did break a different heat record.

One week ago we set a new record for the highest heat index recorded at the airport during the month of June. Today, we broke that one-week-old record.

How high did the heat index go?
Heat indices, also known as the “feels-like temperature,” rose into the triple digits again Wednesday due to the high heat and dew points. At 2:51 p.m., the heat index at the airport reached 104.50°.

Highest heat index recorded at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport during the month of June since 1947
Heat index reached 104.50° at 2:51 p.m. Wednesday, June 22nd at the Youngstown/Warren Regional Airport

That breaks the one-week-old record of 104.22° we set last Wednesday. 104.50° is now the highest heat index reading recorded during the month of June since 1947. Across the entire area, the heat index temperatures were around 100° at that time and dew points were in the mid-70s.

  • Heat index readings for the Youngstown area on June 22nd at 2:51PM
  • Dew point readings for the Youngstown area on June 22nd at 2:51PM

Hourly observations for the heat index Wednesday also took the third spot and tied one of the observations from last Wednesday for the 6th highest in June. The following comparison charts below are compiled by Iowa State University’s environmental mesonet site. Below is a slider bar showing how the highest June heat indices changed from one week ago to today. Notice eight of the top ten highest hourly heat index observations since 1947 at the airport in Trumbull county came from this month, occurring over just the last week.

Side-by-side comparison of the highest hourly heat index values in June since 1947 at the Trumbull county airport. The image with the slider all the way to the right is from June 15th, 2022. The image with the slider all the way to the left is from today, June 22.

The observations taken at the airport from 12:51 p.m. through 2:51 p.m. today, June 22, all make the list. Only the 7th and 8th hottest heat index reading in June come from a different year. Prior to one week ago, the last time heat indices were close to being as hot in June was June 21, 1995, or June 25, 1988.

What is the heat index?
When dew points and temperatures are high, the body struggles to cool itself down. We sweat as a way to cool ourselves. When sweat evaporates off of your skin, it cools the body. But when dew points are high the sweat doesn’t evaporate as well. Because of this, the temperature will seem or feel like it is, even hotter. That apparent temperature is called the heat index.

When will temperatures cool down?
Temperatures won’t be as warm Thursday with highs falling back into the 70s. Dew points are also going to be much lower Thursday. More heat arrives in the Valley later this week and heading into the weekend. Check the latest 7-day forecast for the Youngstown area to help you plan the rest of your week and weekend.