Dangerous wind chills coming our way — how long it’ll last and when warmer air arrives



Arctic air combined with wind gusts around 25 mph is never a good combo. Schools are closing ahead of this latest frigid blast. In these conditions, frostbite is possible in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. There is hope, though! This pattern will break down toward the end of the weekend. That’s when I expect warmer conditions to arrive. Here’s how it will play out…THROUGH FRIDAY MORNING

This is when we will experience some of the coldest wind chills. Temperatures Thursday night will fall to around -2° to 0°. That cold, combined with winds gusting 20 to 25 mph, will lead to wind chills as low as -25°. Some lake effect snow will occur, with blowing snow likely across the region. Accumulations of around 1 inch or less are expected. The best chance for accumulation will be in the snow belt. Watch for slick spots on roads.FRIDAY

Friday will be frigid all day long. Pockets of lake effect snow remain possible with localized accumulations of around 1 inch or less possible. Temperatures will only rise to around 6°. It will remain blustery, with winds gusting to 25 mph at times. The wind and cold temperatures will lead to wind chills anywhere between -25° to -10° all day long.


The risk for lake effect snow continues through this time-frame, but will become more localized to the northern snow belt. Additional light accumulation of around 1 inch or less is possible. The cold will continue with lows overnight around -4°. Winds won’t be as gusty, but still strong enough to drop wind chills to as low as -20° at times overnight.SATURDAY

The snow will begin tapering off through the day and we will start to see some sun. Unfortunately, the sun won’t do much for our temperatures. Highs will be around 8°. Wind chills as low as -10° are possible through the day.SATURDAY NIGHT INTO SUNDAY

The coldest actual air temperature is expected through this period. Lows are expected to fall to around -8°. If winds stay calm and skies are clear, it is possible for the air temperature to drop even lower. The wind will not be as breezy, however, even a wind as light as 5 mph at -8° would lead to a wind chill of -20°. So, dangerous wind chills remain possible through Sunday morning.SUNDAY

We will start the day cold but will finally begin seeing improvements through the day. By Sunday evening, temperatures will have risen into the middle 20s.

More details on what to expect are included in the video above, including an hour-by-hour glimpse of how wind chills will play out. For the hourly forecast and 7-Day forecast, CLICK HERE.

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