(WKBN) — Dry weather with more clear skies than cloudy has made for quite a treat in stargazing and looking to the sky through the evening and overnight this month.

This evening will feature another treat in the western sky.

As the Earth orbits through space spinning around, interacting and dancing around other planets and stars, we are delivered a different show in the sky almost every night.

The forecast is dry weather and skies clearing again tonight. It may be a little chilly late, but the sky will clear and open the sky for a nice night to catch some stars and planets.

The moon will also be visible and lined up with a few planets in the western sky this evening. The moon is going through a waxing crescent phase. Take a look at this video of moon phases to see what this means.

What is the bright planet in the western sky this evening?

When looking west this evening, you will see a bright planet popping above the horizon. This is the planet Venus. You can see some fun facts about Venus here. How far away is Venus? How big is Venus?

What planets are in the western sky this evening?

When looking west, slightly northwest, this evening you will see the bright planet Venus. If you look above Venus you can find the planet Mars. If you look above Mars you will find the waxing crescent moon.

Enjoy your stargazing this evening as dry weather continues across the area.