11PM Update on weekend winter storm



Detailed breakdown of this storm in the video above.

Storm Timeline
Pockets of snow are possible by as early as 7AM Saturday, especially through Trumbull and Mercer counties. The snow will become widespread and pick up in intensity between 12PM and 2PM. From then on, widespread steady snow will occur. Snowfall may be heavy at times, dropping visibility. There will be a chance for a wintry mix to develop for Columbiana county. If the warm air can make it far enough to the north, this changeover would result in lower accumulations throughout the county. The timeline for that to occur would be between 4PM and 10PM. Snow will continue overnight into Sunday morning. We will begin seeing the snow lighten up between 5AM and 7AM Sunday. The snow begins to taper off between 8AM and 12PM Sunday.

Accumulation Forecast
Current confidence level is very high for major accumulation for the majority of the area.  

MOST LIKELY ACCUMULATION: 7″ to 11″  –  The majority of the area is expected to see around 9″ to 13″ of snowfall between Saturday morning and Sunday afternoon.

On The High End: Up to 13″  –  A few isolated areas may see upward of 13″ by Sunday afternoon. This is expected to be an isolated occurrence.

On The Low End: 4″ to 6″  –  If the rain/snow line can push into Columbiana county, that would sharply drop accumulation numbers. If that changeover were to take place, we would expect to see that between 4PM – 10PM. That wintry mix would result in this accumulation range. The chance to see this lower end of the accumulation is mainly for southern Columbiana county.

Temperature, Wind and Wind Chills
A surge of Arctic air will move into the area on the backside of this storm system. Highs Saturday will be in the lower 30s. Temperatures then begin dropping fast Saturday night. By Sunday morning, expect temperatures dropping into the middle teens. We will fall into the single digits by Sunday evening, with a low around 1° Monday morning.

The cold will be accompanied by very gusty wind. Wind gusts pick up overnight and will be able to gust up to 30 MPH Sunday morning and through the day. The gusty wind will cause blowing and drifting snow. This may cause roadways to re-cover after crews clear them.

The wind will also drive wind chills below 0°. We will see wind chills between -5° to 10° Sunday morning. Wind chills fall to -10° to 0° Sunday afternoon and evening. Wind chills will continue falling, dropping to -20° to -10° overnight Sunday into Monday morning. 

Travel will become difficult by Saturday afternoon, with driving being extremely difficult if not impossible Saturday night. Even through the snow ends by Sunday afternoon, it will still take road crews some time to clear all the side streets. Expect difficult travel through Sunday evening.

Sporadic Power Outages
Sporadic power outages are also possible with the gusty wind on the back side of the storm. The risk for outages begins to climb Saturday night as wind gusts begin rising. Through the day Sunday, spotty outages will be possible. Winds begin to die down late Sunday night into Monday morning.

Cancellations and Closures
Widespread event and business closures are expected this weekend. We will likely see adjustments beginning Saturday late-afternoon and especially Saturday night. Closures and cancellations are expected Through Sunday evening. You can check the latest cancellations and closures by Clicking Here.

Blowing and Drifting Snow
Blowing and drifting snow will be likely by Sunday morning and through the day. This can cause difficulty seeing roads and can cause them to become snow covered again after already being treated.

Shoveling and Plowing
This will be enough snow that you will have to shovel or plow to dig out. Please keep your health in mind before stepping out to dig out. If you are not used to physical activity, take frequent breaks and be careful not to over do it. These types of snow events often lead to an up-tick in 9-1-1 calls due to heart complications. If you are not used to physical activity and begin feeling sharp pains in your chest while shoveling, stop what you’re doing and IMMEDIATELY call 9-1-1.

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