Did you know that the three longest roads or highways in the United States all pass through northeastern Ohio, just north of the Mahoning Valley?

They all cross Ashtabula county.

U.S. Route 20 is the longest road in the country. It is 3,365 miles running east and west, between the Pacific Northwest and New England. For most of the way, it’s just a two-lane road but it expands in larger cities such as Cleveland.
Route 20 passes through nine states and Yellowstone National Park briefly interrupts it.

The second longest is U.S. Route 6, also known as The Grand Army of the Republic Highway.
It runs 3,199 miles east and west through 14 states, from Bishop, California, to Provincetown, Massachusetts.

In 1953, the highway was dedicated to the veterans of the Civil War, which is how it got its nickname, it’s said this highway has half the digits and twice the kicks as Route 66.

And the third longest highway in the U.S. is Interstate 90 at 3,021 miles.
It runs roughly parallel to U.S. Route 20 passing through 13 states and connecting Boston with Seattle, some attractions along I-90 include the Jello Museum in New York, the Legoland Discovery Center in Illinois and Witches Gulch, Wisconsin.