(WYTV)- Respiratory viruses can really knock you down.

That’s why it’s always better to prevent them, rather than treat them and that goes for the cold and the flu.

Vaccines are your best defense against viral illness this time of year, but they can’t cover every ailment, and, of course, there is no vaccine against a cold. So, it becomes important to add extra layers of protection.

“Some of the things that we can do to reduce the exposure to any respiratory virus this year are things that have become very familiar to us; distancing, staying out of crowds, wearing a mask, hand washing are all things that will reduce exposure,” said Dr. Susan Rehm of the Cleveland Clinic.

Doctors say we’ll likely see more cold and flu this year, in addition to COVID. That’s because we aren’t masking as much.

Vaccines for flu and COVID are recommended for everyone age six months and older, and it’s safe to get them both at the same time.