(WYTV)- It doesn’t have to be summer to enjoy a cold treat.

Maybe ice cream or a chilly drink, say a milkshake, and then, suddenly, pain.

It’s an instant blast of pain, a kind of headache in your temples that lasts several seconds. Doctors call it a “cold-stimulus headache.” Eating or drinking something cold such as ice cream, too fast causes blood vessels to rapidly change in size.

“There are blood vessels that are inside the mouth in the back of the throat. and then when they are rapidly exposed to something very cold, they constrict or become smaller. and then they become larger. and when those blood vessels rapidly change size like that, it activates the pain receptors,” said Dr. Amaill Starling of the Mayo Clinic.

These blasts typically last only a few seconds and aren’t dangerous. The best way to avoid an ice cream headache is trigger avoidance. When eating or drinking something cold, do it slowly.

If you get a brain freeze, try pressing your thumb or tongue against the roof of your mouth. Or drink something warm.