Here’s why the CDC says only some populations are eligible for booster shots


 (WYTV) – Have you had a booster shot for the coronavirus yet? You have to be in a certain group for that…and here’s why.

The Centers for Disease Control says that while the vaccine is effective, immunity can fade over time. And if you’ve had your last shot six months ago, you’re ready now for the booster.

“People who are older who do get covid, they have more likelihood of being hospitalized and also increased risk of mortality. So 80% of the COVID-19 deaths that we’re seeing are all above the age of 65. So as much protection as you can get to shore up those defenses, the better,” said Dr. Ardeshir Hashmi, who specializes in geriatric medicine at the Cleveland Clinic.

It’s important to note that only those who received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine are eligible at the moment.

Doctors are encouraging everyone to get the booster shot if they qualify, especially with the highly contagious delta variant still out there.

Older individuals should also continue to take other safety precautions to stay safe.

They can wear a mask if they choose but they’ve already done the best thing for protection, getting three shots.

The Food and Drug Administration will consider booster shots from Moderna and Johnson and Johnson this week.


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