Columbiana Co. District Health gives extra vaccines to first responders

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Columbiana County District of Health received their first Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines this week

(WYTV) – Columbiana County District of Health received their first Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccines this week. They distributed them Saturday.

With an extra batch of COVID-19 vaccines, Columbiana County District of Health knew just who to give them to: The county’s first responders.

“I’m around people everyday — some who have been infected and some who haven’t, and now I feel safer with it,” said Willie Coleman, Columbiana County deputy sheriff.

About 100 people were able to get vaccinated Saturday, and none of them will have to come back for a second dose.

They were some of Columbiana County’s first recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

“Not having to schedule a second clinic makes us available to do other, additional clinics, and so we can move through the population quicker, so that’s great,” said Laura Fauss, public information officer at Columbiana County Health District.

Fauss says this week’s vaccines were extra from the normal state allocation.

The county just learned about it this week and were able to quickly put the clinic together because the CCCTC offered to host.

“This is really great. It’s very rewarding to help actually the whole county, provide a site where folks can come. It’s clean, it’s safe, it’s local where they can feel comfortable and get their vaccine,” said Jeremy Corbisello, director and assistant superintendent of Columbiana County Career and Technical Center.

Any first responders who didn’t make an appointment for Saturday’s clinic will have a chance to get a shot in the coming weeks.

Saturday’s recipients were pleased to see so many colleagues get the vaccine.

“I would just advise anybody who hasn’t had their shot, come get it,” Coleman said.

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