(WYTV)- The Steelers logo is based on the symbol belonging to the American Iron and Steel Institute.

U. S. Steel created it and it contains what are called hypocycloids, a fancy diamond shape. And the diamonds have meanings: steel lightens your work, brightens your leisure, and widens your world.

They also represent the three materials we use to make steel: yellow for coal, orange for iron ore, and blue for steel scrap.

The Steelers played with gold helmets in the 1950s with numbers on either side and later took those off. And here’s a Cleveland connection: in 1962, Cleveland’s Republic Steel suggested to the Steelers that they use the Steelmark as a helmet logo.

Art Rooney said, thanks, we will. He told the equipment manager, Jack Hart, to put the logo on the right side, and he did, Rooney never said both sides. As one story goes, the team wasn’t sure it was going to keep it. It did and never changed. To this day, no other NFL team has a logo on only one side.