Terry Francona has advice for Cavs, LeBron on 0-3 comebacks

Cleveland is down 3-0 in the series against Golden State

(AP) - Adam Silver says he knows some fans can get upset with officiating, and he's going to work on that.

The NBA Commissioner appeared on the "PodcastOne Sports Now" show previewing Game 4 of the NBA Finals with AP Basketball Writer Tim Reynolds to talk about the Golden State Warriors, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and what's next on his agenda for the league.

With Cleveland down 3-0 in the series against Golden State, who better to talk to about overcoming such a deficit than Indians manager Terry Francona - he pulled off such a rally in Boston against the Yankees in the 2004 American League Championship Series.

Francona also talks about managing Michael Jordan, the incessant Jordan-LeBron James debate, and speaks of how the teams in Cleveland all tend to feed off one another.

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