BELIOT, Ohio (WKBN) – Helping lead the West Branch Warriors kind of runs in the family for senior Dru DeShields.

“It still means the world, my mom and dad are both teachers and coaches here, well my mom is the assistant principal now,” DeShields said. “But both of my brothers went here, they left a legacy on here and I strive to be like them.”

And he’s doing a pretty good job of that so far, as Dru added 11 varsity letters while breaking his brother TJ’s passing records and being named 1st Team All-Ohio and Northeast Inland District Offensive Player of the Year, but he also matches that in the classroom with a 3.92 GPA.

“Definitely I try to balance both football and other sports with school, but it doesn’t really come easily to me,” DeShields said. “I have to go home and study sometimes and do some homework at home but I mean, I finished with all A’s the first nine weeks, so I’m going to try to keep that up.”

He’s focusing on grades in the midst of a playoff run, but that’s never really been a problem for him in the past.

“I would say football helps me in school, taught me how to work hard at something I feel like as in before preparation for the week, you have to watch film and take time out of your day to do that and I feel like I do the same thing with school,” DeShields said.

As DeShields takes the next step to Division I Football, he plans on studying sports management or business, with the goal of staying in football and becoming a Graduate Assistant after playing, whenever that may be.

West Branch Senior Dru DeShields is our Student Athlete of the Week