COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) – At 5 foot 9, Mitch Davidson may look average, but is anything but on the football and baseball field.

He broke basically record in the book at QB for the Clippers. Most high school kids would love all that attention…not Mitch. He’s one of the most humble kids you’ll ever meet and is our Student Athlete of the Week.

“I guess I’m just a normal quiet guy,,” said Davidson. “I mean I don’t really like to get all the spotlight.”

“A lot of it had to do with my coaches and a lot of them definitely pushed me to be better than i thought i could ever be

Mitch goes down as the most decorated player in Columbiana football history. He holds 18 school records, that includes over 7,000 yards passing, 3,600 yards rushing, and 130 total touchdowns.

“Now that I’m done with football, I’ve been going back and looking at old newspaper articles and stuff. I seeing what i did, I guess I never thought that was possible.”

But before all the football records, Mitch’s first love…was baseball. He’s played since he was 4 years old…and is now an All Conference pitcher and Shortstop.

“I hate to lose, doesn’t matter what it is,” said Davidson. “I can be in gym class and we’re playing hockey, I always want my team to win and just always fight for whatever it could be. It could be in the classroom or whatever.”

Speaking of the classroom, Mitch carries a 3.72 GPA at Columbiana and plans to study business next year at YSU.

“I never strive to get below a “B” but I’m always trying to get an “A”. My mom always told me “C’s” are no good and if I get a “C” i’m in big trouble. So I didn’t want to disrespect the Clipper name and I wanted to honor it as best I could and I hope I did that.”