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Student Athlete: Matt Bogen

Student Athlete

Canfield, OH (WYTV) – Canfield senior Matt Bogen is an All Conference and All State swimmer for the Cardinals, that also makes quite a splash in the classroom, earning him the honor of our Student Athlete of the Week.

“I really like to race so when there’s people around me that are fast and going and ready to compete and really gunning for me and gunning for everyone else, that’s the most like exhilarating thing,” said Bogen.

Matt has a come a long way in his time at Canfield. His freshman year, he weighed just 90 pounds, but has since grown 5 inches and put on over 40 pounds…and with the help of his parents and older brother Daniel, has turned into an elite swimmer.

“They were always kind of like, just do your best and like things will happen,” he said. “If you keep working hard…and that was one of the things I got from them the most, is that you always need to work as hard as you possibly can.”

And Matt has done just that…this past spring, he qualified for the State Meet in the 100 meter breaststroke, and also competed on two State Top 10 relay teams.

“it made me feel like I was like there, like I did everything that I could and I finally got where I wanted to be.”

Matt has also worked his way to the top academically…he’s an AP scholar at Canfield with a 4.3 GPA.

“The most important thing about a student athlete is the student part,” said Bogen. “That’s always going to come first and if you’re not doing one right, you’re probably not doing the other right.”

Matt will continue that work ethic in college, where he will most like join brother Dainel and swim at Westminster.

“I’ve met a lot of people here that I don’t think I don’t think I’ll ever like not stay in touch with, this is like a second home.”

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