Student Athlete: Madison Johnson

Student Athlete

Niles’ Madison Johnson is a three-sport participant who has an impact on her community and school.

“Whenever we’re falling behind, I try to pick everyone up just because I’m out there to win. That’s just how I always have been at anything in life,” she said.

Madison is a gentle but strong leader for the Niles basketball team.

She’s a three-year starter at forward, leading her team in points, rebounds and steals this season. Plus, she serves as senior captain for the Red Dragons.

“Ever since I was a freshman, I’ve always looked up to the senior in every grade,” Madison said. “Now that I’m one of them, it’s pretty wild to just think…that I’m one of the bigger ones that people can look up to.”

Madison is a role model — not only at her school, but also for the community in Trumbull County.

This past July, she was named Miss Niles. She’s a great ambassador, with more than 100 service hours over the past four years.

“Whenever I go to different events, little children will come up to me and they’ll think that I’m a princess or something,” Madison said. “Having them look up to me is something that’s pretty special.”

She’s the complete package at Niles, ranking first in her class with a 4.0 GPA. Madison is also a member of National Honor Society.

“Whenever I get a B, I get really upset. I’m always trying to get the highest grade in the class…even if it’s a simple quiz, I always want to have the best score,” she said.

Madison will be attending college to become a speech and language pathologist.

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