Student Athlete: Lainie Simons

Student Athlete

Senior Lainie Simons is an all-around athlete at Austintown Fitch.

She’s played softball since she was seven years old and is now a star on the diamond and the volleyball court. Plus, Lainie has never finished with a “B” in the classroom, earning her the honor of our “33 Student Athlete of the Week.”

“There’s a quote that I like and it’s, “A thing worth doing is a thing worth doing well,” and that’s how I see everything,” she said. “I’ve just always given all I can.”

Lainie works hard at everything she does. On the volleyball court, she’s a three-year starter at outside hitter, leading the team in both digs and kills.

“Oh, [I’m] very competitive,” she said. “My mom gave me that one. She definitely is always that cheering if you can call it that or yelling some people might think. So yeah, she definitely instilled that in me.”

Lainie’s competitive drive carries over to the softball diamond, where she’s a 1st Team All-Conference performer at third base. Last season, she led her team with a .494 batting average.

“Here at Fitch, there’s different groups of people that I would’ve never met through softball. The opportunities I’ve been given through softball is ridiculous to me,” she said.

Lainie is quite the leader at Fitch. She’s involved in many clubs with over 75 community service hours. 
Plus, she’s on track to be valedictorian of her class with a 4.0 GPA.

“lt is student-athlete, student first. So that’s how I’ve always seen it and that’s how it is during school,” she said. “Even if it is a big game, sometimes you have to push through and finish that homework.”

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