Student Athlete: Kent Wolford

Student Athlete

The LaBrae football team is one of just six local Ohio teams remaining after round one of the playoffs. 

The Vikings take on Akron Manchester this Saturday with senior Kent Wolford leading the charge. He’s one of the toughest players in the Valley plus a leader in the classroom. And now, he’s our “33 Student Athlete of the Week”.

“I feel like I bring an attitude to the team,” said Wolford. “I’ve had coaches tell me that I’m an offensive lineman in a quarterbacks body, so I feel like I bring that lineman mindset, that toughness.”

At 6’2″, 200 pounds, Kent Wolford is a powerful force as LaBrae’s starting quarterback the past two years. This season, Kent passed for over 1,800 yards and 20 touchdowns. Not to mention, another 12 rushing touchdowns and 500 yards on the ground. 

“We got play-makers all over the place so really for me it’s just controlling the pace of the game. controlling,” said Wolford. “Making sure everybody is calm and cool and collected and ready to go.”

As senior captain, Kent led his team under center until Week 9, when he dis-located his thumb against Girard. After the game, the doctors gave him two options. 

“Once he said I couldn’t play quarterback the rest of the year, I right away interrupted him and asked him if I could play with a cast,” said Wolford. “He was like ya that’s fine, so I was like alright let’s do it. I’m playing fullback and I’m playing tight end, and I’m learning new positions and I’m finding a way to contribute wherever I can.”

Off the field, Kent ranks in the top 20 of his class with a 3.7 GPA. He goes to school full-time at YSU as a College Credit Plus student. In fact, he’ll enter the next level with 38 college credits. 

“I mean obviously, I want A’s. B’s are acceptable at some points. C’s are not really my thing. I definitely think you shouldn’t be satisfied for anything.”

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