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Student Athlete: Jared Wilson

The Columbiana senior is a defending State Champion and All American golfer,...

COLUMBIANA, Ohio (WYTV) - Jared Wilson is already considered by many, the best male golfer to ever play for the Columbiana School District.

But you would never know it. Jared is quiet, humble and extremely talented. He's an All American golfer, that averages 300 yards off the tee, and he's WYTV's Student Athlete of the Week.

He's an All-American golfer, that averages 300 yards off the tee, and he's WYTV's Student Athlete of the Week.

"There's always somewhere that you can get better in golf, no matter how hard you work at it," said Wilson. "That's what I love is just working hard and just trying to get better every day."

Calm, driven, and collected, Jared Wilson is really a perfect match for golf. Last fall, all his hard work paid off, with a Division III State Title in Columbus. Jared beat the competition at North Star Golf Club by six strokes.

"That was some of the best golf I've ever played," said Wilson. "I knew going in that I could really give it a run and give it a shot at winning if I played my best. It was really a special experience and just to play my best golf at a stage like that was awesome."

Jared has followed that up with a great senior campaign. He recently set the school and course record at Valley Golf Club, shooting a 7 under, 28 on nine holes.

Off of the course, Jared brings that same kind of precision to the classroom. He carries a 4.2 GPA and scored a 35 on his ACT.

"Definitely important to me to get the best grades that I can, so that's been a focus since I was a young kid. Just excelling in school and out of it."

Jared is also an All Conference basketball player, but golf has always come first. In fact, turning pro is still the big dream.

"It would just be surreal," he said. "I mean, I couldn't even imagine. I've dreamed of it but at the same time, I haven't thought that far ahead yet so, [there's] a lot of time."

As for now, Jared's focus is all on defending that State Championship.

"There's a lot of great players out there, but I know that when I'm playing my best I can play with them."

Jared is also active in his church and community and will attend Wake Forest University next year on a Division 1 golf scholarship.

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