Student Athlete: Jared Tucker

Student Athlete

The Poland senior is a standout lineman for the Bulldogs with a 4.0 GPA and a 34 on his ACT

POLAND, Ohio (WYTV) – Senior Jared Tucker is a whiz kid in the classroom and a force to be reckoned with on the Poland football field.

In fact, Jared can deadlift 515 pounds and bench press around 300! Plus, he’s a straight-A student and now our “33 Student Athlete of the Week”.

There are twins on the Poland football team this year, Jared and Nathan Tucker, who are both standout linemen for the Bulldogs.

“I’d say it’s a little bit of a competition, you know, just brotherly fight,” Jared said. “But he’s my best friend. We push each other to the limits.”

Although they’re twins, Jared is a year ahead in school after skipping a grade back in elementary. Still, there’s plenty of competition there as Jared has emerged as a leader in the trenches.

“I made it my goal to be more aggressive on the line and to just go in there,” Jared said. “I feel that that’s going to make me a great player this year, my senior year.”

At 6’1″, 215 pounds, Jared is a force at left guard and outside linebacker. But he wasn’t always that way. In fact, he’s put on 40 pounds of muscle since his sophomore year.

“I just went in the weight room and I made it my goal to work out every day and just push myself to get bigger and stronger. Then I eventually grew into a 6 foot 1, 215 pound outside linebacker,” he said.

Off the field, Jared leads his class with a 4.0 GPA. He’s also president of Student Council and scored a 34 on his ACT, which is in the 99th percentile nationwide.

“[My teammates] will always clown me for being the smart guy around and I just think that I want myself to be epitomized as this student athlete — successful in athletics but also successful in the classroom,” he said.

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