Student Athlete: Drew Clark

Student Athlete

The Springfield senior is a 1,000 point scorer in basketball and a four year starter in baseball, with a 3.79 GPA

NEW MIDDLETOWN, Ohio (WYTV) – The Springfield boys basketball team is one win away from their second consecutive District Championship, thanks in part to our Student Athlete of the Week.

“You just have to play fearless really,” said Drew Clark.

Clark is competitor, and it shows on the basketball court. The Springfield senior is averaging 20 points and over 11 rebounds per game this year, and has helped lead the Tigers to 11 straight wins.

It’s the competition that drives Clark.

“You know, we would always see the best players on the other team and I always try and do whatever I can to outplay them,” Clark said. “If it would be defensively, like stopping them, offensively, getting more rebounds than them, just whatever I can do to be better than their best is what I like to do.”

Clark is also a four-year starter for the baseball team and a two-time District Champion.

“Well for baseball, it’s just like a little less pressure,” Clark said. “So I just go out there and have fun.”

In the classroom, he’s all business. Clark carries a 3.79 GPA, serves as student vice president and ranks 13th in his class.

“My whole life I’ve always took the hardest classes because I like getting challenged, like on the court and in school,” Clark said, “Right now, I’m in AP Calculus, very tough class. The kids I sit with are all my buddies so we’ll have the king of the table kind of deal with whoever has the highest scores on the tests and stuff. Normally, I don’t become the king. We have some really smart kids in my class, but when I do, I make sure to rub it in their face.”

In January, Clark became one of the few players in school history to reach 1,000 career points, and he’ll continue playing hoops next year at Westminster College.

But when he leaves, it’s not the numbers he wants to be remembered by… it’s the winning.

“I would definitely take the champions over that,” Clark said. “You know, we made it farthest last year since 1969. So we’re trying to go one step farther and be the furthest team ever. That’ll really cement my name here.”

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