Student Athlete: Courtney Frye

Student Athlete

SHARPSVILLE, Pa. (WYTV) – The Sharpsville softball team is cruising into the postseason next week behind their senior leader, Courtney Frye.

She’s the most decorated pitcher in school history, setting all kinds of records for the Blue Devils. 
Plus, she’s a straight-A student and now our “33 Student Athlete of the Week.”

As one of six siblings, Frye has always been tough.

“I grew up mostly close with my brothers, so I was always thrown in with the guys,” she said. “You had to kind of fight for your own. I mean, we were very competitive.”

Softball has always been Frye’s passion. She’s started every game of her high school career but three and is now the most successful pitcher in school history. In fact, she recently set a Mercer County record with over 60 career wins.

“It’s not that wild for me just because my team was always there to back me up and it wasn’t just a one person thing, it was a team thing,” she said.

Sharpsville has experienced plenty of success during Frye’s tenure. During her sophomore campaign, the Blue Devils won their first District 10 Title in school history. This season, they’re on track to win another with a 16-1 record heading to postseason play.

“We take it one day at a time. We come to practice and the goal is to do as good of a practice as we can,” she said. “Then we’ll get to game day and our goal there is to take out whoever is in front of us.”

Frye’s fastball tops out well over 60 miles per hour.

She received over 100 letters from college teams. But instead, she chose to attend YSU and study mechanical engineering. Frye carries a 4.1 GPA and already has 21 college credits to her name.

“I wanted to kind of focus on that because after four years softball isn’t going to mean much. I don’t want the season to end, but I’m very excited to graduate and start that new chapter,” she said.

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