SHAPRVILLE, Penn (WKBN) – Sharpsville senior Jack Leipheimer’s love for the game of baseball just came naturally.

“I’ve played baseball since I was three, and it’s been my top priority athletic wise and I’ve just played them all my life,” Leipheimer said. “I pitch my whole life. I played for us my whole life.”

Now in his final season with the Blue Devils, the two-sport standout is enjoying success on the field, as they recently ripped off a seven-game win streak.

“We were like 1-4 and then we move things around,” Leipheimer said. “We changed the batting line up and now we’ve been dominant ever since we’ve been.”

On top of baseball, Leipheimer stared as the Blue Devils soccer team goalie in his first year playing the sport, all while being dual-enrolled at Penn State Shenango and boasting a 3.95 GPA.

“I have enough credits to go through an entire semester of school now so I’m going into an electrical engineering major and I basically have all of my Gen Ed’s done,” Leipheimer said. “It’s gonna be a lot of a load off on my back and it’s going to be an easier time, I’ll enjoy it more.”

Jack feels that extra work will come in handy as he majors in engineering at Youngstown State next fall and will take his work ethic that came to shape in Sharpsville, with him.

“I’ve never really felt any stress or pressure from tests or being on the mound,” Leiphemer said. “You have to read your opponent and just like you have to read the test answers correctly and all that.”

Sharpsville senior Jack Leipheimer is our Student Athlete of the Week.