POLAND, Ohio – This week’s Student Athlete of the Week is Poland Senior, Cole Fulton.

“It’s just fun to me, just putting in the work,” said Fulton. “I just enjoy every second of it.”

Fulton is a two-sport varsity athlete, in football and basketball. He’s been a starting varsity football player for three years. Fulton helps on both sides of the ball, players running-back and linebacker.

“Just seeing the progress that I make just from year to year,” said Fulton. “Put in the work and just see it actually pay off on the field.”

Fulton’s progress has paid off as he has division-one offers for college football.

He was the Poland football team’s MVP last year and has three varsity letters from the football team. He will also get his second varsity letter in basketball this year. Fulton is also on track to be valedictorian at Poland.

“Seeing that A and seeing 100% on my test grade when I was younger. I just love the feeling,” said Fulton. “I’m just a competitive person, overall. Just take pride in everything I do.”

Not only does Fulton score on the field and in the classroom, he said he also does it in his community.

“I also volunteer at the Rescue Mission,” said Fulton. “Helping out others, putting a smile on their face.”

Fulton was inducted into the National Honor Society. He said he needed over 40 hours of community service to be inducted.

“It’s a great feeling, just nothing like it,” said Fulton.

Fulton said he also helps with youth camps for the next generation of Poland football and basketball players.

“They look up to us because I used to look up to the older guys when I was younger,” said Fulton. “They look up to us, we get to go teach them football. It’s awesome.”