YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio (WBKN) – Some sports can act as a stress release for many student athletes.

“To be able to come here, and no matter what I’m dealing with mentally or physically, I can put my face in the water and I can swim and I can kind of forget about all my troubles,” Champion Senior Riley Robinette said.

But there might not even be a swim team to represent Champion High School if it weren’t for Robinette.

“One day I’ll be able to look back and say, if this team grows even more, I’ll be able to say wow, I was able to start this and give people an opportunity to show off that they have different talents and different abilities at the school outside of like the typical sports that we have,” Robinette said.

She went from competing alone as the only member of the team to growing that number to four to compete in relays her senior year.

“It’s just really a good opportunity to bond with a couple of the girls that I’m friends with and that I’ve swam with for a couple of years now,” Robinette said.

While she’s qualified for sectionals and won conference swimmer of the week in the pool, she’s making an impact just as much in the classroom being dual enrolled at Kent State, racking up 34 college credits already and holds a stellar 3.958 GPA.

“I decided, really my freshman year, that I would just start taking the college classes, put the work in, and then by my senior year, I could take all college classes,” Robinette said.

Even while taking extra courses, she still found time to participate in a slew of different things at Champion, including cheer, majorette, Superior Honor Roll, Academic Team, student council and is the senior class Vice president. But that long list doesn’t really get to her much.

“I think sometimes I’m a little stressed, but other times I’m like this is really rewarding and I know I’ll look back one day and say the fact that I was able to keep up with these things is really, really great,” Robinette said. “And I think it gives me a little more motivation that like, hey, I’ve been able to tackle this many things. I can tackle what comes at me.”

And she already has what’s next planned out, wanting to study biology on a pre-med track with the ultimate goal of becoming a heart surgeon.

Champion Senior Riley Robinette is our Student Athlete of the Week.