CANFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – It doesn’t take long to notice Canfield soccer star Maci Toporcer on the field for the Cardinals in the fall.

The senior is coming off a 29-goal season where they were district champs and will easily reach 50 career goals and 30 career assists during her senior season.

“It’s super exciting. It’s crazy how fast it came, but all these girls, a lot of us, have played together growing up, so it’s kind of just a natural this. We’re all best friends, so it just flows,” Toporcer said.

But through all the accolades, including conference player of the year while being named 1st team all state, district and conference, Toporcer puts up the same numbers academically with a perfect 4.0 Grade point average.

“I always have to work hard in the classroom. It’s not something that always comes naturally, but that’s always been a big thing I push for,” Toporcer said. “My parents have always stressed being a student-athlete and how a student is just as important as being an athlete.”

Toporcer plans to study mechanical engineering at Purdue-Fort Wayne, where she’s already committed to continue her soccer career.

“Same thing with soccer, like how you have to like prepare and practice to get good at something. I feel like the same thing goes for the classroom, so just putting in the work and making sure you’re doing your homework and doing all the work you can to make sure you can succeed,” Toporcer said.

Canfield senior Maci Toporcer is our Student Athlete of the Week.