BROOKFIELD, Ohio (WKBN) – Brookfield senior Sophia Hook will go down in Warrior history in a few different ways, from setting records in athletics to securing straight As all four years.

“I feel like I go about them both in the same manner. I mean, you have to put the time in if you want to succeed. So for class, I make sure I leave time where I can study. And then on the sports side of things, I feel like you always have to practice. Practice makes perfect,” Hook said.

That practice has paid off as Hook averaged 20 points, 9 rebounds, 5 assists and 4 steals during her senior season in basketball, placing her third all-time in school history with 1,535 career points and earning Trumbull County Player of the Year and a spot on WKBN’s Starting 5.

But Hook also credits a lot of her success to teammates, coaches and teachers along the way at Brookfield.

“My friend group has basically been with me all four years in each sport, and I feel like through sports, we’ve had a lot of memories, but also in school, too,” Hook said. “We see each other every day in school, then we kind of practice and see each other again, so I feel like that bond has really been with me for the four years, and it’s made a good difference.”

On top of 13 All-State honors in basketball, she racked up 12 varsity letters between basketball, soccer and softball, plus is on track to graduate as Class of 2023 valedictorian with a 4.0 GPA.

“I feel like at the end it’s definitely paid off, even just applying for schools you get that money because of your grades,” Hook said. “So I’m glad my parents pushed me because now I’m seeing what I get from getting good grades.”

Hook would like to leave her mark on the school by showing student-athletes that obtaining success in both athletics and academics is well within reach.

“In the moment, you might get discouraged, but you got to listen to those that are older than you, your teachers, they’ve been saying this since freshman year it’ll go by fast,” Hook said. “And I wish I would’ve listened but I didn’t, I laughed and thought that they were joking, but it really does go by fast, so you got to enjoy it while you can.”

Brookfield senior Sophia Hook is our Student Athlete of the Week.