BRISTOLVILLE, Ohio (WKBN) – Bristol senior Belle Zirzow loves to win.

“Very competitive,” said Zirzow laughingly. “I don’t like to lose.”

Zirzow has won 66 games over the last four years for the Panthers, including a district championship this season.

She’s also left her mark in the record book. Zirzow has broken the single-season scoring record three times and will graduate as the program’s all-time scoring leader with over 1,600 career points.

“It’s special knowing that I left a mark here and for little girls to look up to,” Zirzow said. “I have a younger sister. She’s 10 and was just in an all-star game and she put her favorite player was me. It’s just special knowing that she has somebody to look up to.”

Zirzow was also a four-year starter on the volleyball team and will continue playing basketball next year at D’Youville College. Her work in the classroom has earned her that opportunity with a 3.98 GPA.

“I definitely prioritize academics because at some point in time, sports are going to end,” Zirzow said. “I don’t like getting B’s, even though it’s OK to get B’s. But I’m always like, I have to get it, straight A’s. I have to do great in school, get good grades. If we’re having small competitions in school, I’m always trying to be the top person.”

Zirzow has also found a way to give back to her community in the most adorable way possible, by fostering puppies through the Geauga Mama Dogs and Pups program.

“Usually you take in one or two puppies every few months and you can keep them for however long you want until you find a home. Once you find a home, usually it’s like a week or two and then you get another one. But you can really decide when you get them. But yeah, it’s fun,” she said.