The Steelers‘ offense struggled once again Sunday in a 13–10 loss against the Browns, and Pittsburgh running back Najee Harris appears to be fed up with his group’s performance.

The Steelers registered just 249 total yards and a mere 12 first downs against Cleveland. Pittsburgh has been outgained in all 10 of its games this season but has managed a 6–4 record in large part thanks to its defense.

Harris, who recorded only 35 rushing yards in the loss to Cleveland, was quite aware of the fact that the offense has been underperforming all year, and he let media members know about it in a NSFW monologue.

“There’s just a lot of stuff that just goes around that you guys don’t see,” Harris said. “I guess I’m trying to say it’s just, I’m just at a point, man, where I’m just tired of this s---.”

“You could do two things,” he continued. “You could look at the record and say, ‘O.K., we’re still good right now.’ Or we could look at the record and be like, ‘If we keep playing this type of football, how long is that s— going to last?’ I look at it like, ‘How long that s— going to last?’ Y’all could look at it like it’s a good record, but I mean it’s the NFL. Winning how we did, it’s not going to get us nowhere.”

The Steelers will look to get back on the winning track Sunday against the Bengals (5–5) in Cincinnati at 1 p.m. ET on CBS.