Pittsburgh Steelers: No fans allowed at Wild Card game against Browns


The Pittsburgh Steelers announced Thursday that attendance is limited to only friends and family of the players and team

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (WYTV) – The Cleveland Browns and the Pittsburgh Steelers — a notorious rivalry. Fans on both sides are ready for the big playoff game on Sunday, but now, they’ll have to watch it at home.

The Steelers announced Thursday that attendance is limited to only friends and family of the players and team.

A statement from the team reads, “We are disappointed we will not be able to host our season ticket holders and other fans at Heinz Field on Sunday night against the Cleveland Browns in our AFC Wild Card Game. We were hoping to receive approval to host fans for the playoffs at a capacity similar to our games in October and November, but unfortunately, the state’s orders will only permit 2,500 total people in the building, including players, coaches and staff.”

Although, most people we spoke to said they weren’t planning on traveling to Pittsburgh for the game.

Browns fans…

“I’m stoked. I’m so excited that the Browns and the Steelers are playing the third game of the year, and this is for the big one,” said Ray Fajack, Jr., a Browns fan for 50 years.

…and Steelers fans.

“I’m kinda mad about the way they’re playing right now,” said Harold Smith, a Steelers fan. “I hope they do better with this next game because we definitely need this one.”

Everyone is looking ahead to Sunday’s big game.

“The last time I went to the playoffs game was in 1980, when the Cleveland Browns played the Oakland Raiders for the championship,” Fajack said.

We spoke with several life-long Browns and Steelers fans, along with one woman who says she cheers for both teams.

“Being a pastor there in Pittsburgh, you have the congregate who I love. So of course I have grown to care about Pittsburgh. I just latched onto the team as well and my congregates even pray for the Pittsburgh Steelers and of course I pray with them,” said Celestine Atkins.

But Atkins says she’s still picking sides.

“I’ve come to love both of the teams. But of course, with them playing each other, my heart is with the Browns. I want to see them win,” Atkins said.

But whatever side you’re on, you’ll most likely be on the couch yelling at the TV this weekend instead of cheering on your team from the bleachers.

“As long as I can sit at home in front of my TV and watch it, it’s cool,” Smith said.

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