Lisbon looking to repeat history 20 years later

The Blue Devils host Brookfield Saturday in what's the 20th anniversary season of their lone State Championship._57531

Lisbon, OH (WYTV) – Lisbon is one of the few local football teams with a State Championship on their resume, but that was 20 years ago. In fact, it’s been 12 years since the Blue Devils have even made the playoffs. That streak will come to an end this weekend, when they host a first round game Saturday night.

It all came down to week 10 for the blue devils last week…and a 55-54 overtime victory over Crestview officially punched their ticket back to the playoffs.

“It was a big game and it got us into the playoffs, got us a home match with Brookfield,” said head coach Jim Tsilimos. “But I told the kids they can’t be complacent now they just can’t on just beating Crestview because each week you gotta go out and prove yourself.”

“We were on top of the world after that win it was crazy,” said senior Josh Liberati. “After Frankie [Morrell] scored that game-winning touchdown…[we thought] this might be it…it’s finally here, all this hard work is paying off. I didn’t settle down till Sunday night.”

The blue devils got back to work Monday in preparation for Brookfield…who have averaged nearly 40 points per game this season and haven’t lost since Week 1.

“We don’t really change our game plan, we’re just kind of same as we were for every other week. you know, go in and power pretty much.

“I think offensively they spread you out, outstanding quarterback, they have receivers,” said Tsilimos. “They will definitely put some stress on our defense because you know they spread you out.”

The Lisbon defense is certainly capable, they’ve pitched four shutout wins this season in what’s the 20th anniversary of their only State Championship team, and Saturday they hope to do them proud.

“That’s a lot on the line, having them watch us and I think that’s more motivation,” said senior Alex Barnes. “Try to one up them because we know a lot of the older people on the team. But we definitely have what it takes…the skies the limit for us and we’ll just keep going.”

“You need breaks, you need luck, you need to stay healthy,” said Tsilimos. “You don’t look ahead, you play each week and ya you just never know.”

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