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Which Squishmallow shark is best?

Squishmallow sharks are high-quality, highly stylized plush toys that make aquatic predators into cute and cuddly friends. They’re pillowy-soft additions to a plush collection or a kid’s bedroom.

If you want the most unusual and fun shark Squishmallow, Squishmallow Luther Shark is the top choice. With a bright and colorful tie-dye color scheme, it’s a cute and vibrant friend in a plush toy collection.

What to know before you buy a Squishmallow shark


If you’re looking for a cuddly stuffed animal to give as a present, Squishmallows are a high-quality option. They’re very soft and designed to be hugged, as opposed to plush toys that have stuffing designed to hold a particular shape. Instead, the pillow-like Squishmallow is an easily huggable friend for children who enjoy plush animal toys. 

Open mouth vs. closed mouth

Squishmallows have a specific stylized design, so the mouths of the shark plushes are embroidered patterns rather than a part of the body. However, different Squishmallow plush toys have varying facial expressions and styles. Even though the mouth can’t move, it can have a permanently open or closed look. Depending on what you want the cute, cartoonish and stylized face of the plush to look like, it could help narrow your search.

Type of shark

There is plenty of variety among shark species. There are also different kinds of shark Squishmallow plush toys. They can be very different not just for the colors or materials, but also the overall plush toy shape. Positions of fins and other features can vary depending on the type you prefer. Of course, there aren’t that many specific species of shark that come in Squishmallow form, so if you or the recipient of a gift have a particular favorite, it could be hard to find.

What to look for in a quality Squishmallow shark

Color and pattern

Some Squishmallows have simple color patterns that match the colors you might expect to see on real animals of the same kind. Some of them have very bright and vibrant colors or patterned fabric that doesn’t look realistic but could match a child’s favorite color. Some Squishmallows use different fabrics and materials for accent colors.


Squishmallow plushes have highly stylized designs. They don’t mimic realistic animal shapes or anatomy, but they do include important details that make the animal recognizable. The best sharks have their fins, a tail and gills. For example, if you like hammerhead sharks, a Squishmallow with that head shape is available.


The best Squishmallows are usually larger sizes, since there’s more of them to hug. For travel purposes or easily portable plush toys, a smaller size may be better. Depending on where you plan to bring the plush or the size of a kid using one, different sizes may be preferable.

How much you can expect to spend on a Squishmallow shark

Smaller Squishmallow sharks can be found for under $40. If you want a larger plush, expect to pay $50-$70.

Squishmallow shark FAQ

Why are Squishmallows so expensive?

A. The reason for the Squishmallow brand’s success and the reason why they’re generally more expensive than the average stuffed animal is the same: the materials used to create such a high-quality plush toy. Squishmallows have won numerous awards because they consistently deliver very soft fabrics and uniquely squishy stuffing that’s safe and fun for people of any age.

Are there Squishmallows that are good for travel?

A. Many of the larger plush Squishmallows aren’t ideal for travel, being over a foot long and pretty wide. Think of a large Squishmallow as being a small pillow, in terms of the space it would take up in a bag or vehicle. If you want a stuffed animal that can be easily transported, consider one of the Squishmallow sharks in a size under 12 inches. 

What’s the best Squishmallow shark to buy?

Top Squishmallow shark

Squishmallow Luther the Shark

Squishmallow Luther the Shark

What you need to know: This Squishmallow shark is a good plush for collectors and kids who like colorful stuffed animals.

What you’ll love: The plush is designed to loosely resemble a shark, but has a friendly and simple smiley face embroidered on it. The large and squishy body is primarily a blue tie-dye pattern with a soft surface. It measures about 16 inches in size.

What you should consider: This is a fairly large monetary investment in a single stuffed animal.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Squishmallow shark for the money

Squishmallow Gordon the Shark

Squishmallow Gordon the Shark

What you need to know: This somewhat more affordable plush shark is too small and cute to be scary, making it an easily portable friend for anyone.

What you’ll love: It’s about 7.5 inches in size, with soft fins attached to the stylized, squishy body. The embroidered face is a happy and friendly expression that features an open smile to show off its sharp shark teeth. The teeth are part of the embroidered design and not actually sharp or dangerous for small children.

What you should consider: It’s a bit on the pricey side, even for a high-quality Squishmallow plush.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Squishmallow Tank the Hammerhead Shark

Squishmallow Tank the Hammerhead Shark

What you need to know: This cuddly aquatic plush friend has a head shaped to resemble the unusual and iconic shape of the hammerhead shark.

What you’ll love: The embroidered face is simple and friendly. The fins, tail and head shape make it recognizable as a hammerhead shark. It’s about 12 inches in size. 

What you should consider: It’s machine washable, but beginning with spot surface cleaning before washing the entire plush may work best.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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