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Which ‘Spider-Man’ plushies are best?

Plush toys are a cute and cuddly way to celebrate your love for your favorite comic characters. “Spider-Man” plushies come in many shapes, sizes and styles. They’re a unique gift for those who love to collect items about your friendly neighborhood hero.

If you want the best “Spider-Man” plush for kids and adult fans alike, the Ty “Spider-Man” Miles Morales plush is a top choice. And since it’s a member of the Beanie Babies toy collection, it is a fun collector’s piece as well as being a great plush for fans of all ages.

What to know before you buy a ‘Spider-Man’ plush

Type of gift

If you want a gift that would make a “Spider-Man” fan smile, there are plenty of toy and collectibles available. Consider asking the recipient about their favorite versions of “Spider-Man” for more ideas. Or ask them who their favorite character is and why. When in doubt about what “Spider-Man” toy to get, a cute plush toy is a good place to start.

Plush size

While a large “Spider-Man” plush doll makes for a great centerpiece, they are more expensive and take up a lot of room. Smaller plush toys are more portable, so if you need something a child can put in a backpack or luggage, consider opting for a smaller item. And depending on the size of a child, a smaller plush may be easier for them to easily pick up and carry.

Which ‘Spider-Man’ is your favorite?

If you liked “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse,” you might want to look for plush toys inspired by the multiple “Spider-Man” variations from the Marvel multiverse. If you prefer the cinematic universe or classic take, you might want a “Spider-Man” plush that features a more traditional red and blue suit, which looks more like the live-action film versions. 

What to look for in a quality ‘Spider-Man’ plush


A good “Spider-Man” plush is soft and squishy. However, very few manufacturers use extra-soft fabrics for their plush toys. Keep an eye out for softer plushies and watch for fabrics that have printing or embroidery, which are not very soft to the touch. If you’re okay with a less-soft “Spider-Man” plush, make sure it’s still easy to hold and squeeze.


While most plush toys can withstand gentle handling, some low-quality “Spider-Man” plush toys get damaged more easily. Watch for loose stitching or fabric that feels overstuffed and rigid. An overstuffed plush toy can rip if you put too much pressure in the wrong spot. While you can usually fix a beloved plush toy, getting a high-quality plush from the start is better in the long run.


The best “Spider-Man” plush toys have enough detail to show it resembles the character. While it does not need to be the classic bright red and blue suit to be distinctly “Spider-Man,” it should have a cute and friendly look. Before you pick out a “Spider-Man” plush, consider the multitude of suit styles and versions to discover your favorites.

How much you can expect to spend on a ‘Spider-Man’ plush

The pricing depends on the brand, size, quality and features of the “Spider-Man” plush toy. Expect to spend between $15-$25 for a good plushie that will last.

‘Spider-Man’ plush FAQ

What is the most popular ‘Spider-Man’ plush toy?

A. Most people love the plush figure of the main character from “Spider-Man,” Peter Parker. However, there are other options too. You may like a “Spider-Man” pillow, a pair of plush superhero fist gloves or a stylized “Spider-Man” plush ball. Depending on what you like, an unusual “Spider-Man” plush could be more fun.

What ‘Spider-Man’ plush makes the best gift?

A. It mainly depends on personal preference. Almost everyone has one version of “Spider-Man” they like best. If you’re getting a gift, try asking the recipient about their favorite “Spider-Man” stories. If you are not sure, a classic red and blue suited Peter Parker plush is a safe choice.

What’s the best ‘Spider-Man’ plush to buy?

Top ‘Spider-Man’ plush

Ty 'Spider-Man' Miles Morales

Ty ‘Spider-Man’ Miles Morales

What you need to know: This Miles Morales “Spider-Man” plush doll is a part of the Beanie Babies stuffed toy line, making it great for kids and adult collectors.

What you’ll love: It is about 6-inches tall and has its hands in the classic web-slinging pose. It’s a high-quality plus that transports well and is safe for anyone three or older. The eyes feature a glittery embroidered string design.

What you should consider: Some customers reported receiving a damaged plush doll.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Spider-Man’ plush for the money

UPD Marvel 'Spider-Man Homecoming' Jumbo Plush

UPD Marvel ‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ Jumbo Plush

What you need to know: If you want an affordable, officially licensed “Spider-Man” plush doll that is soft and cuddly, this will make a great addition to any collection.

What you’ll love: The design has a more cartoonish, stylized look. And the Spidey suit is pretty simple in terms of printing and overall appearance. 

What you should consider: The plush is advertised to be 14-inches tall, but many customers received much smaller plush dolls.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

‘Spider-Man’ Plush Backpack

‘Spider-Man’ Plush Backpack

What you need to know: This plush doubles as a backpack for kids. It even has adjustable shoulder straps.

What you’ll love: While this looks like a “Spider-Man” plush doll, it also acts as a backpack made of durable polyester. It can hold up to normal wear and tear. It also has a loop, so you can easily hang it in a locker or on a coat hook.

What you should consider: It is mainly a novelty item and not the most useful backpack for carrying heavier items. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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