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Which octopus Squishmallows are best?

Squishmallow, the award-winning and extra-soft brand of stuffed animals, make for very huggable plush toys and valuable collectibles. They offer a range of cuddly creatures, from insects to woodland animals to sea life. Different types of fans are probably looking for different things in a Squishmallow.

If you want the best large octopus Squishmallow, take a look at Squishmallow Violet the Purple Octopus. It comes in a 16-inch version and a smaller 12-inch version for anyone who prefers a slightly smaller plush.

What to know before you buy an octopus Squishmallow

Squishmallow style

Squishmallow octopus plush toys have a particular stylistic design that isn’t similar to a real-life octopus. They typically feature smiling faces and are made to look as cute as can be. If you prefer realism in a stuffed animal, you may be interested in brands and plush toy designs other than Squishmallow. 


Squishmallow plushes come in a variety of scales and sizes. If you want to travel with your plush toy, a smaller size may be easier for small kids to pick up and carry or fit in a bag. If you want it to be a large plush about the size of a pillow, look for 16-inch Squishmallows. They’re usually intended to be easy for kids to squeeze and hug and are great to lounge on, making them fun additions to any bedroom.

Seasonal Squishmallows

Some Squishmallow plush toys are classic stuffed animals with soft fabric and a normal color scheme, but some have unusual designs or outfits. Some of them are seasonal or themed. If you don’t want unusual accessories on your Squishmallow, you might like tie-dye colors, especially for an aquatic stuffed animal like an octopus.

What to look for in a quality octopus Squishmallow


Most Squishmallows have the same marshmallow-soft fabric covering the majority of the plush toy. Some have somewhat different shiny or glittery fabrics and materials for adding an accent to the design. Most Squishmallow plush toys have roughly the same kind of stuffing and fabrics for materials, but some designs use different materials, so it’s important to look carefully before you buy.


Bright and colorful plush toys are fun for kids and anyone who enjoys adorable stylized stuffed animals. Squishmallows don’t look like real animals, but they aren’t really supposed to have a realistic design. The appeal is the exaggerated features, large soft body and overall cartoonishly cute style. Squishmallows have very bright color schemes, so find one with your favorite colors.


Some companies attempt to imitate and copy the large and squishy Kellytoy designs, but it’s best to find official Squishmallows. The surface of the plush toy will probably be softer than attempts at copies of the original stuffed animals. Squishmallows can be more expensive than your average stuffed animal, but it’s better to invest in quality instead of getting a knock-off.

How much you can expect to spend on an octopus Squishmallow

Smaller Squishmallows can be found for under $30, while larger Squishmallow plush toys cost about $50-$70.

Octopus Squishmallow FAQ

What are Squishmallow Squads?

A. The “squads” are collections of plush toys based on general topics or themes. Examples include the food squad, which includes cuddly tacos, fruits and cupcakes, and the bug’s life squad, which offers cute butterflies and bumble bees. If you want to see all the different styles of Squishmallows available, the squads can be viewed on the official Squishmallows website. If you like other aquatic animals like the octopus, the Sealife Squad may have other cute sea creature plush toys to add to your collection.

What are the fanciest Squishmallows?

A. If you like plush toys with multiple details and accessories, seasonal plushes might be your favorite. An octopus Squishmallow that’s meant to look particularly fancy is Zobey, a mustached, top hat and monocle-adorned octopus that looks like a cute aquatic gentleman. The largest Squishmallows are generally more expensive, which is another way you could find the fanciest plush. 

What are the best octopus Squishmallows to buy?

Top octopus Squishmallow

Squishmallow Violet the Purple Octopus

Squishmallow Violet the Purple Octopus

What you need to know: This large octopus Squishmallow has a gentle color scheme and super-soft fabric with a friendly, smiling face.

What you’ll love: Violet has a simple but cute embroidered smiley face. It comes in 16-inch and 12-inch sizes. The body is pillow-soft and much larger than the little limbs attached at the bottom.

What you should consider: If you want a different color octopus, you should look for a different Squishmallow character.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top octopus Squishmallow for the money

Squishmallow Detra the Witch Octopus

Squishmallow Detra the Witch Octopus

What you need to know: This relatively affordable plush features a witch hat and a seasonal fall color scheme appealing to children and fans of both Halloween and octopus plush toys.

What you’ll love: The octopus limbs are candy corn colors, attached to the mostly bright orange Squishmallow. The black witch hat gives the plush a Halloween theme. The embroidered face is simple but friendly and smiling. 

What you should consider: This Squishmallow is about 12 inches, but some customers have reported receiving the wrong sizes.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Squishmallow Adelaide the Octopus

Squishmallow Adelaide the Octopus

What you need to know: This Squishmallow is pocket-sized and conveniently portable in addition to sporting a fun tie-dye color.

What you’ll love: The embroidered face is a simple smiley. The limbs and belly use shiny and glittery fabrics that are different from the super soft tie-dye body. It’s about 5 inches in size, but the same tie-dye octopus can be found in larger sizes too.

What you should consider: Some customers were disappointed by the plush toy being so small.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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