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Which paddle ball set for tailgating is best?

A paddle ball set is an excellent thing to have on hand when you’re hosting a tailgate, since you want something fun and engaging to do with your friends between beers and burgers. These sets often include paddles, balls of varying sizes and shuttlecocks to help you work on your swing and serve. The Hammer Crown Frescobol Paddle Ball Set is a great paddle ball set for tailgating.

What to know before you buy a paddle ball set for tailgating

Learn what paddle ball is

Paddle ball for tailgating, also known as Frescobol or beach paddle ball, is different from indoor paddle ball, where players try to score points and win. It’s a casual sport played between two or more players cooperatively, and you have a partner rather than an opponent. The players stand approximately 15 feet apart in a two-player paddle ball game and volley the ball back and forth as many times as possible.

Paddle ball is a simple sport for any adult or child to learn, and more experienced players can make it interesting by adding some trick shots. You also can use a paddle ball set to play beach tennis at a beach volleyball court.

Understand how to care for your paddle ball set

Paddle ball sets are fairly inexpensive, but it’s still crucial to care for your set. Don’t immerse your paddles in water; they are typically composed of wood and sometimes unsealed, so water will permanently damage them. If you want to clean the paddle grips, wipe them down occasionally with alcohol — just keep from saturating them. During the off-season, store your set in a cool and dry space in your home and garage.

Choose the right style of paddle and ball 

Search for paddles with pancake-style, rounded shapes. Other paddle sports have paddles with oval or square shapes, and pickleball and ping-pong paddles usually include rubber coverings over the paddle areas.

What to look for in a quality paddle ball set for tailgating

Paddle designs

Paddles can be plain and wooden with splashes of color from the logo. They can also have intricately painted designs. The design you choose comes down to your preference.

Paddle materials

Wood is the most popular material for paddles. The most popular kinds of wood include beechwood, sapele and pine. 

Value packs

Paddle ball value packs include additional equipment, and they come with carrying bags, as well as a ball and two paddles.

How much you can expect to spend on a paddle ball set for tailgating

Expect to pay about $8-$80. The most inexpensive sets cost about $8-$15, while mid-range sets go for $15-$40 and high-end sets vary in price from about $40-$120.

Paddle ball set for tailgating FAQ

What’s the suggested age range for playing paddle ball?

A. Anyone can enjoy paddle ball, but it’s usually suggested for kids and adults ages 4 and older. There are some paddle ball sets targeted toward young kids with extra safety features such as smoother edges and padded grips. Some of these sets come with lightweight plastic paddles, since wooden paddles are difficult for young kids to handle.

What are your options if you have difficulty holding onto your paddle?

A. You can upgrade your paddle ball set to a model with top-quality grips. Molded grips are the best option, meant to offer a superior hold. You can also purchase paddles with wrist lanyards. Even if you do drop your paddle, you will not have to bend over to pick it up.

Can you paint a plain, unfinished paddle?

A. Yes. You just need to purchase a top coat, wood paint and sanding supplies. You can also use sponges or stencils to customize the paddle. You might have to sand down the paddle if there is a logo already painted on it. And you might need a couple of thicker coats of paint to hide the logo even after sanding down the paddle.

What’s the best paddle ball set for tailgating to buy?

Top paddle ball set for tailgating

Hammer Crown Frescobol Paddle Ball Set

Hammer Crown Frescobol Paddle Ball Set

What you need to know: This set has a premium look and quality and includes two attractive, easy-to-clean paddles.

What you’ll love: The small, light paddles are composed of beechwood, sapele and pine for a unique stripe design, as well as a neoprene wrap for a comfortable grip.

What you should consider: The grip of the paddle often comes undone after just a handful of games.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top paddle ball set for tailgating for the money

Funsparks Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game

Funsparks Jazzminton Paddle Ball Game

What you need to know: This versatile set has an assortment of birdie and ball options, as well as well-constructed paddles with bright colors.

What you’ll love: It includes a storage bag, a ball, four birdies and a pair of paddles. The birdies are composed of real feathers and are perfect for children to practice their game.

What you should consider: The birdies fall apart fairly quickly.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Pro Kadima Paddle Set

Pro Kadima Paddle Set

What you need to know: This inexpensive set comes with three additional replacement balls.

What you’ll love: It features yellow plastic supported handles, thick wooden construction and a rubber ball that bounces fairly well. The set is also simple for children to use and lasts a long time without much damage.

What you should consider: The replacement balls aren’t as high-quality as the original.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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