Which kids’ wagon is best?

Kids like carrying around things such as toys, dolls and gear of all kinds. The best way to do this is with a four wheeled wagon pulled by a handle. Wagons are versatile and can be used to pull other kids around and as strollers that have the advantage of extra cargo space.

All wagons have four wheels, a handle for pulling and a spot for cargo. If you are looking for a modern take on the classic Radio Flyer little red wagon, take a look at the Radio Flyer 36-Inch All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon.

What to know before you buy a kids’ wagon

Small wagons

Wagons for little tykes are small in size and made of lightweight materials. Look for plastic wagons with steady bases and handles that lock into place so they can push them along as they develop their walking skills. Make sure the plastic wheels are sturdy and have no sharp edges.

Large wagons

Bigger wagons weigh more because they are made of steel that is sturdy enough to carry a hundred pounds or more of kids and cargo. Look for sturdy steel without seams that may snag clothing or cause injury. Also look for big, strong wheels with air filled tires for smooth pulling and an easy ride.

What to look for in a quality kids’ wagon

Passenger or cargo?

The first kids’ wagons were made to carry things inside. But kids were quick to learn that they are fun to ride in, too. Passengers can sit on the floor of a regular wagon or ride in specially designed wagons that are shaped like tubs and have seats and safety belts. Cargo is easier to carry when the wagon has tall sides. Look for wagons with removable wooden sides like the stake beds on big trucks.

How much you can expect to spend on a kids’ wagon

Small and lightweight wagons for kids can cost as little as $20. Bigger wagons with features like air filled rubber tires and removable wooden sides can cost as much as $100. Big wagons designed to pull around two or more kids can easily cost more than $100.

Kids’ wagon FAQ

How can you tell if a wagon is safe for kids to ride in?

A. The best way is to buy a wagon made especially for that purpose. It will have seats inside a closed compartment, maybe even an easy to open door that locks securely so it won’t pop open unexpectedly. Wagons made for passengers are usually a bit wider and lower to the ground for added stability.

How did Radio Flyer wagons get their name?

A. Antonio Pasin was an Italian immigrant who came to Chicago as a kid and worked as a cabinet maker with his father and grandfather. He enjoyed tinkering and eventually made a wooden coaster wagon. He named it the Liberty Coaster Wagon after the Statue of Liberty. He changed the name to Radio Flyer when he began mass producing steel wagons “for every boy and every girl.” He chose the name Radio Flyer because he was fascinated with the newfangled invention of radio and the early days of flight.

What’s the best kids’ wagon to buy?

Top kids’ wagon 

Radio Flyer 36 Inch All Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

Radio Flyer 36-Inch All-Terrain Steel and Wood Wagon

What you need to know: This steel wagon with wood stake bed sides is made by the legendary and most famous name in kids’ wagons.

What you’ll love: This 29-pound steel wagon will stand up to all the abuse kids can give it. The steel body is seamless, and the extra long pull handle folds underneath the wagon for more compact storage. The rugged all terrain tires are air filled and made of rubber for a smooth ride. With its 200-pound carrying capacity, kids can tote just about anything. They can even help parents by hauling groceries or carrying garden supplies.  

What you should consider: At  29 pounds, this wagon is too heavy for little kids.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon  

Top kids’ wagon for the money

My First Wagon with Beach and Garden Tools

My First Wagon With Beach and Garden Tools

What you need to know: This little wagon from Radio Flyer is made for kids ages 1-4.

What you’ll love: This wagon includes a colorful bucket, scoop, short handled rake and watering can with a gentle rain drop spout. Made of plastic and weighing only 5 pounds, this is a wagon ideal for even the smallest children. It is perfect for taking toys, dolls, stuffed animals and imaginary friends along for the ride.. 

What you should consider: This wagon should not be used to carry kids as passengers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

Step2 Wagon for Two Plus Blue

What you need to know: This dual-purpose wagon is made for hauling cargo or carrying two small passengers in style.

What you’ll love: The deep leg well has molded in drain holes so water won’t collect inside. The tub is accessed by a hinged door that opens and closes smoothly, latches securely and even locks to keep little passengers safe inside. This kids’ wagon has two safety belts inside, and the long handle makes for easy pulling by kids or adults. The maximum weight this wagon can carry safely is 75 pounds.

What you should consider: The Tag-Along Trailer Plus is sold separately.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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