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Which Royal Bobbles bobble heads are best?

Royal Bobbles are different from other figurines, collectibles and bobbleheads because they make only premium, high-quality bobble heads. All Royal Bobbles bobbleheads are authentic and period correct, with exquisite molded and hand-painted details. 

While manufacturers make figures of all kinds, Royal Bobbles specializes in historic figures. If you are looking for a highly detailed bobblehead of the second female justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, take a look at the Royal Bobbles Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bobblehead.

What to know before you buy a Royal Bobbles bobblehead

Lots of companies make bobblehead figures. Royal Bobbles’ bobbleheads are carefully researched to make sure everything is authentic before being hand-painted with tiny detail brushes by artists.

Historical bobbleheads

This is where Royal Bobbles made their reputation for high-quality. This category includes mostly political figures, founding fathers and military leaders, but you can also find bobbleheads of the Statue of Liberty, Rosie the Riveter and Smokey the Bear.

Entertainment bobbleheads

Royal Bobbles makes bobbleheads of famous figures from movies and television, too. For example, you can choose Dorothy, the Scarecrow or the Wicked Witch from the Wizard of Oz. There are several Ghostbusters characters, many superheroes like Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman and even music legends like Elvis Presley.

Science bobbleheads

Go back into history with Albert Einstein, who comes in three different versions. Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla and Amelia Earhart are in this category, as is the famous pandemic doctor, Anthony Fauci.

Custom bobbleheads

Royal Bobbles makes high quality bobbleheads in bulk for events and promotional purposes, like fundraisers.

What to look for in a quality Royal Bobbles bobblehead


While no one knows for sure which Royal Bobbles bobbleheads will become valuable in the future, you can be sure that anything that indicates authenticity will be a factor. Look for Royal Bobbles bobbleheads with holograms that have unique serial numbers on the bottom of the base.

How much you can expect to spend on A Royal Bobbles bobblehead

Most Royal Bobbles bobblehead figures cost between $50-$100.

Royal Bobbles bobblehead FAQ

What are Royal Bobbles bobbleheads made of?

A. High-quality, heavyweight polyresin is used in all Royal Bobbles bobbleheads because it can be cast in the kind of fine detail that Royal Bobbles are famous for. 

Can you play with Royal Bobbles bobbleheads?

A. All bobbleheads are made for display and to be touched or tapped to put the head into bobbing motion. Kids are tough on toys, so keep your Royal Bobbles bobbleheads on the shelf or on your desk and get the kids some bendable and poseable action figures that are far more durable and far less expensive. 

Does Royal Bobbles make bobbleheads for the dashboard of my car?

A. Yes, they make several versions. The most famous of all is the all-time iconic dashboard bobblehead, the Hula Girl.

What’s the best Royal Bobbles bobblehead to buy?

Top Royal Bobbles bobblehead

Royal Bobbles Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles Ruth Bader Ginsburg Bobblehead​​​​​​​

What you need to know: This bobblehead statue has Ruth Bader Ginsburg posed standing, wearing her Associate Justice robe.

What you’ll love: Ginsburg’s iconic look is as finely detailed as is possible to manufacture. The bobblehead features her iconic robe, ponytail, earrings, glasses, and black lace gloves. The molded resin bobblehead figure stands eight inches tall and comes in a colorfully printed collector’s box with molded styrofoam inner protection to keep it safe from harm. 

What you should consider: This Royal Bobbles bobblehead is made for display only and is too fragile for pretend play.

Where to buy: Amazon

Top Royal Bobbles bobblehead for the money

Royal Bobbles Uncle Sam Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles Uncle Sam Bobblehead

What you need to know: Uncle Sam is a fictional figure from history that exemplifies patriotism with his iconic red, white and blue costume.

What you’ll love: This eight inch tall Royal Bobbles comes posed with his right arm extended to commemorate the famous army recruiting poster, where Uncle Sam looked you straight in the eye and said “I Want You!” His striking outfit includes red and white striped pants, a blue and white star-spangled vest, a blue coat with tails and a white shirt with a red bow tie. His tall hat has vertical red and white stripes and is circled by a blue hatband with a white star in the middle. This Royal Bobbles bobblehead comes with a hologram that has a unique serial number on the bottom of the base.

What you should consider: Uncle Sam’s expression is not quite as stern and fierce as the one on the poster.

Where to buy: Amazon

Worth checking out

Royal Bobbles John Wayne Bobblehead Figure

Royal Bobbles John Wayne Bobblehead Figure

What you need to know: This Royal Bobbles bobblehead pays tribute to the most famous Western movie star of all time. 

What you’ll love: John Wayne was tall, walked with a cowboy swagger and spoke with a slow drawl in more than 150 feature length films. The Duke is always ready for trouble and usually finds it whether he is tracking down outlaws or cleaning up lawless Wild West towns. This Royal Bobbles bobblehead has Wayne with his ivory-handled pistol in a gun belt slung low on his hip for a quick draw. The gunbelt is so detailed you can see the spare bullets he keeps there for frequent reloading in a gunfight. Wayne carries his trusty rifle over his shoulder. This Royal Bobbles bobblehead wears his trademark leather vest, bandanna and ten-gallon hat. The Duke’s signature belt buckle is silver on black leather. 

What you should consider: John Wayne was a very tall man and would be better served with a taller bobblehead doll.

Where to buy: Amazon


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