Which Lego Thor is best?

The Asgardian God of Thunder, the former king of Asgard and New Asgard, and a co-founder of the Avengers, Thor Odingard is known for many titles, but most people know him simply as “Thor.” He is recognized not only in Ancient Greek mythology, but also in the Marvel mythology as well. Now you can own him as a Lego minifigure and as part of a larger set.

The best Lego Thor you can buy right now is the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Thor’s Weapon Quest 76102 Building Kit. This set is an epic recreation of Thor’s quest in Infinity War to forge the Stormbreaker Axe. 

What to know before you buy a Lego Thor

Collect them all

Lego sets are designed in a highly customizable, highly modular fashion. That means that no matter which set or piece you get, there’s a good chance that there are other complementary sets. In this case, set 76102, or Thor’s Infinity War Weapon Quest, can be paired with set 76107 or Infinity War Thanos: Ultimate Battle. When paired with other Avengers sets, it can form a tapestry of exciting battles.

Build it yourself or get some help

Lego sets require some assembly. While putting each piece together is relatively simple, following the instructions to complete a whole build is another story. For younger builders, the instructions may be difficult to follow as they lack any text. For infants, the pieces may be choking hazards. It’s always recommended that Lego sets are given to older children or that infants are accompanied by an adult.

Warning: spoilers ahead

If you haven’t seen any of the Thor or Avengers films and plan on experiencing the story as spoiler-free as possible, then be careful about viewing certain Lego sets. Many of the Thor Lego sets have been updated and are based on the most recent iteration of Thor. That means you may see certain sets built on specific scenes or featuring certain characters that spoil the surprise of the film. 

What to look for in a quality Lego Thor

Character design

Thor’s character design has undergone several changes throughout the years. Earlier on, he is depicted with long, flowing, blonde hair, a chestplate, a red cape, and his iconic hammer, Mjolnir. In the most recent film, he sports a shorter haircut, a new weapon, and has ditched the cape. He may also be seen with new heroes such as Rocket from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” as a result of his most recent adventures.

Set design

Lego builds, once fully completed, can be a spectacle to behold. They can be sprawling landscapes or towering structures, but they can truly bring to life certain scenes and minifigures. Thor’s Lego sets showcase some of the most iconic scenes from the Avengers movies, sometimes featuring other iconic characters, vehicles and stages. 

Official Lego and Marvel branding 

Lego sets are marked with the official Lego logo, which is written inside a red box. Partnerships will also feature additional logos, such as the Marvel logo or the Avengers logo on certain boxes. This official marking makes sure that you are purchasing a box set with high-quality control, zero defects and all parts included.

How much you can expect to spend on a Lego Thor

A Lego Thor starts at around $10 for simplistic builds or figures. It can reach up to $100 for more detailed and intricate builds.

Lego Thor FAQ

Which Infinity Stone comes with Set 76102, Infinity War Thor’s Weapon Quest?

A. Many of the Lego sets come with a collectable Infinity Stone for Thanos’s gauntlet. The Infinity War Thor’s Weapon Quest set comes with the purple Infinity stone (the Power Stone)

Can a 4-year-old put this Lego set together?

A. While it’s not impossible for a 4-year-old to build these sets, we recommend either getting the 4-year-old some help or waiting until they are slightly older to be able to follow along with the instructions.

Which movies are the Marvel Mechs based on?

A. Unlike the other Thor Lego sets, the mechs are simply a creation by Lego and Marvel, not based on any existing comic or film (except the Iron Man mech, which can be seen in “Age of Ultron”). Each set is sold separately and features other characters including Captain America and Miles Morales (aka Spider-Man).

What’s the best Lego Thor to buy?

Top Lego Thor

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Thor's Weapon Quest 76102 Building Kit

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Avengers: Infinity War Thor’s Weapon Quest 76102 Building Kit

What you need to know: Infinity War features an exhilarating side mission: Thor’s mission to build the Stormbreaker Axe to replace his hammer.

What you’ll love: The set also comes with Rocket and Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy,” as well as an escape pod with a cockpit that opens up.

What you should consider: Despite the interesting minifigure designs, the character legs lack any details.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Lego Thor for the money

LEGO Marvel Avengers Classic Thor Mech Armor 76169

LEGO Marvel Avengers Classic Thor Mech Armor 76169

What you need to know: Build and play with a mech designed around the God of Thunder.

What you’ll love: Thor sits right in the cockpit of the mech, which makes it a fun and interactive build experience.

What you should consider: The mech build is not tied to any existing film and is more of a Lego line specializing in hero mechs. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

LEGO Marvel Avengers Super Heroes Minifigure

LEGO Marvel Avengers Super Heroes Minifigure

What you need to know: If you’re only after the minifigure of Thor and not any extravagant builds, this is the one to get.

What you’ll love: Thor not only has his hammer, but his red cape and a thunderbolt.

What you should consider: This Thor design is based on earlier films and is now slightly outdated.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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