Which plastic outdoor playset for toddlers is best?

It’s essential to get little ones outside to exert some energy and learn more about the world around them. However, every parent knows it’s important to provide kids with age-appropriate activities.

One way to keep toddlers excited about playing outside is with an outdoor playset. These playsets come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re looking for a large plastic outdoor playset with realistic amenities, the Step2 All Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse is a top choice.

What to know before you buy a plastic outdoor playset for toddlers

Types of outdoor plastic playsets

There are many types of playsets out there that will suit children of different ages and interests.

  • Playhouse: Children have been imagining in playhouses for generations. Some houses feature a kitchen and dining area, while others have a working doorbell and mailbox. Finding the right playhouse for your child will depend on their interests.
  • Climber and slide: If your child loves being active, they may enjoy a playset with climbing areas and a slide. Some climbing areas include a rock wall, steps or tubes.
  • Activity table: There are many different activity tables, including a water table, train table or sand table. There are even some combination activity tables featuring several activities.

You can also find playsets that combine several types into one playset.

Age appropriate

Before buying a playset, you want to ensure it’s appropriate for your child’s age. For example, if you’re looking at a playset for a small toddler, high steps or monkey bars will be unsafe. On the other hand, you don’t want to get a playset that is boring for your toddler or one that they will soon outgrow. 

What to look for in a quality plastic outdoor playset for toddlers


When purchasing a playset, you’ll want to first measure your space to ensure the playset will fit in your designated location. You don’t want to buy a playset and put it together only to realize it’s too big or too small. 


One of the most important features of any playset is safety. Luckily, there are a few ways you can make a playset as safe as possible. First, make sure you follow the instructions when assembling the playset. While it may seem simple, you could leave out a vital step that ensures your playset is sturdy. 

When choosing a spot for your outdoor playset, find an area that is soft and away from any rocks, concrete or electrical boxes. Also, make sure the location you choose is level, so the playset doesn’t wobble.


Every child has different interests and may not all like the same playset. If your child is creative, choose a playset with an art station or a playhouse where they can play pretend. Children who enjoy being active might prefer a slide or monkey bars. 

How much you can expect to spend on a plastic outdoor playset for toddlers

Plastic outdoor playsets vary significantly, and the price often depends on size, brand and accessories. You can expect to spend between $75-$400 on a plastic outdoor playset.

Plastic outdoor playset for toddlers FAQ

How do I wash an outdoor playset?

A. You can wash most playsets with water and a rag. However, it’s always best to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions. 

Can I add lights to the playset so my child can use it at night?

A. Since outdoor playsets are exposed to the elements, it’s not a good idea to hang electric lights in your playset as thois could pose a fire hazard. Also, it’s best not to leave young children unattended around electric lights. 

What’s the best plastic outdoor playset for toddlers to buy?

Top plastic outdoor playset for toddlers

Step2 All-Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

Step2 All-Around Playtime Patio with Canopy Playhouse

What you need to know: Boasting an expansive walk-in grilling area with realistic amenities, this playset will keep toddlers playing for hours.

What you’ll love: In addition to the dining and grill station, this playset also features separate sand and water areas and comes with several toys. This playset can accommodate many children at once.

What you should consider: It’s not durable enough to handle storms or strong winds. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top plastic outdoor playset for toddlers for the money

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber

Step2 Game Time Sports Climber

What you need to know: This playset gives toddlers the choice of climbing, sliding or playing basketball. 

What you’ll love: Toddlers will learn a ton of physical and motor skills while playing with this playset, including climbing, crawling, role play, creativity and counting on the basketball score center. 

What you should consider: Some users think it’s too small for older children despite the manufacturer’s recommended age of 24 months to 6 years old.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Kohl’s

Worth checking out

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

Eezy Peezy Monkey Bars Climbing Tower

What you need to know: Although it doesn’t have a ton of extra features, this climbing tower offers creative play opportunities and an outlet for active children.

What you’ll love: While it’s made of plastic, it features a double-lock spring system with interlocking tubes and connectors, creating a sturdy playset. Also, the pieces won’t corrode, fade or rust. 

What you should consider: The recommended age is 3-8 years old, which means these monkey bars may be too advanced for young toddlers.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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