Which Imaginext toys are best?

For 90 years, Fisher-Price has made educational and entertaining toys for kids, including action figures and interactive toys that stimulate the mind and foster curious play. Imaginext is a line from Fisher-Price of interactive, action-oriented toys that are part of an interconnected world, allowing each product within a series to fit in with others. Some options, such as the excellent DC “Super Friends” Batbot XTreme, are modeled after pop-culture characters, while others are more straightforward. 

What to know before you buy Imaginext toys

Age range

While Fisher-Price toys are designed for kids of all ages, the Imaginext line has a more specific focus. The simplest options are geared for those as young as 3 while some larger, more advanced toys appeal to those around 7 or 8. Imaginext does not make toys for those ages 10 and up. 


Some Imaginext toys are inspired by specific films, shows or comic books. One of the most popular themes is Batman, with toys inspired by the Caped Crusader and the interconnected DC Comics universe he is a part of. While Batman has a darker tone in some stories, the Batman and others in this line of toys are lighter and more colorful. Other characters from the DC Comics here include Wonder Woman, Superman and Aquaman. 

Other toys are inspired by similarly popular content that appeals to youngsters, with products drawn from “Jurassic World,” “Toy Story,” “Sponegbob Squarpants,” “Scooby-Doo” and “Minions.” Imaginext does not offer toys featuring Marvel characters.


Imaginext toys can be divided into two main types. 

  • Action figures. These feature points of articulation and typically come with accessories for imaginative playtime. 
  • Playsets. These are more interactive and involved, featuring scenes or environments along with figures and other accessories for more immersive play.

What to look for in quality Imaginext toys


Imaginext toys boast colorful finishes and eye-catching designs that appeal to younger children. Most toys boast bright shades to engage young ones and keep their attention. Even Batman, who traditionally wears a black and gray costume, is offered in various colorful outfits. 


Imaginext offers some sizable toys that will stand up to regular play while inspiring awe and creative use. While there are some smaller action figures, there are plenty of options that stand over a foot tall or a foot wide and foster an engaging playtime. 

Action figure packs

For kids who like superheroes — as well as supervillains — Imaginext offers a variety of action figure packs featuring from four to 10 characters. As there are so many DC heroes and villains from which to choose, these packs are varied and tend to balance popular figures such as Batman or the Joker with lesser-knowns like Hawkman or Deathstroke. In some cases, the same character will be presented in different costumes for a colorful variety of action figures.

How much you can expect to spend on Imaginext toys

Price is influenced based on the toy’s size and versatility. Simple action figures and toys are available for under $30, while more elaborate playsets and interactive figures may cost up to and over $50.

Imaginext toys FAQ

Are Imaginext toys educational?

A. Imaginext toys offer some educational value. Interactive elements welcome creative and imaginative play, especially with sets focused on superheroes, dinosaurs and exploration. Toys also help develop fine motor skills, including coordination and dexterity in younger children. Kids may learn to enjoy sharing and playing with others while also feeling confident with solo play. Lastly, youngsters may embrace a sense of responsibility and desire to take care of their toys.

Does Imaginext offer any generic toys or playsets?

A. There are a handful of toys that aren’t directly inspired by a film franchise, TV show or comic book series. These more generic themes still offer imaginative play, with options that involve pirate adventures and underwater exploration with sharks. While there are “Jurassic World” toys, children don’t need to have seen the movies to embrace the dinosaur involved (as the films are rated PG-13, most young kids will not have seen them anyway).

What are the best  Imaginext toys to buy?

Top Imaginext toy

DC “Super Friends” Batbot XTreme

DC “Super Friends” Batbot XTreme

What you need to know: This imposing, detailed Batman toy offers endless interactive play and exciting imaginative adventures.

What you’ll love: The figure stands 2½ feet tall. It includes triggers to activate its arms, a secret compartment revealing a tiny Batman action figure and a fun voice modulator.

What you should consider: It’s one of the most expensive toys available. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Imaginext toy for money

DC “Super Friends” Showdown

DC “Super Friends” Showdown

What you need to know: This collection of eight durable and colorful action figures inspired by DC Comics allows for fun adventures and creative play.

What you’ll love: The price gives solid value for a set of eight characters including Batman, Superman, the Flash and Black Manta. Each character comes with a matching accessory. 

What you should consider: The figurines stand at under 3 inches in height.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Disney Pixar “Toy Story” Pizza Planet

Disney Pixar “Toy Story” Pizza Planet

What you need to know: Inspired by the beloved animated film franchise, this playset features a variety of colorful and interactive elements.

What you’ll love: The playset features a small Buzz Lightyear and alien action figures. Doors open and the mechanical arm lowers at the push of a button. It’s colorful and sizable.

What you should consider: This is best when paired with other “Toy Story” toys.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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